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Why Prenuptial Agreements are Being Normalized

Why Prenups are Becoming Normalized

Does it seem like you’ve been hearing more and more about prenup and postnups agreements? It seems like more people are talking about them on radio, television, and on social networking. Why, at this particular time, is this subject becoming mainstream? What is behind the normalization of prenup agreements?

While prenups were once viewed as only for those who were wealthy, it is estimated that about 15% of all couples now have a prenup or postnup. Younger couples are even embracing prenups at a faster rate. Recent estimates say 8 out of 10 couples under 35 years old are entering into prenups. The reasons make sense.

People are Marrying with More Assets.

Couples are getting married later in life, many times with more assets than that of previous generations. They may have investments, purchased real estate, or even have retirement funds started. Prenups help establish these premarital assets so they can be protected should a divorce occur.

Inheritances are a Factor

People are marrying at an age when they may have either just received or are expecting an inheritance. These can be protected through the provisions of a prenup.

Couples are More Transparent about Finances

Couples today are more open-minded about finances and paying their own way. Discussing issues like income, assets, and debts seems to be easier today, lending itself to an easier discussion of prenups.

Couples Can Enjoy Marriage While Respecting Individual Rights

Couples are discovering that while they can enjoy the benefits of marriage, a prenuptial agreement protects their rights as individuals. They can maintain and protect their own assets.

It Serves as an Equalizer

A prenup can serve as a snapshot of the way things were financially prior to marriage and determine how assets will be treated moving forward. This means if one partner has significantly more assets than another, that can be acknowledged and provided for prior to marriage. A prenup can also even help determine future alimony.

Couples Have Seen Divorce in Their Own Families

Prenuptial agreements are becoming normalized, in part, because divorces have become more common.

Every time a couple gets divorced, it can demonstrate the need for a prenuptial agreement. As more of us see divorces among friends and family, it can trigger the need for practical, common-sense protection. It is why prenups are so popular in second marriages and are becoming more popular in first marriages.

Remember, marriage is a legal agreement. There can be long-term financial ramifications for you should you not seek the protection of a prenuptial agreement. Getting started may be easier than you think. Simply reach out to us for an initial, no-cost consultation. Get the answers to your questions and discover if a prenup is right for you. We look forward to assisting you.

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tampa prenup

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