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Why You Should Feel Good About Your Decision to Get a Prenup Agreement

Why You Should Feel Good About Your Decision to Get a Prenup

Prenuptial agreements have had to battle some bad press and misperceptions through the years. There are those who think that prenups are just for celebrities or the wealthy. Some have even thought that a prenup could somehow “jinx” a relationship or is a sign of mistrust. Thank goodness we are coming to our senses.

Those considering marriage are discovering that a prenup is a common-sense, practical approach to getting married. Oh, you may still have an aunt who will question why you would want a prenup, but for the most part, they have become a part of modern relationships. Here’s why you should feel good about your decision to get a prenup.

You and Your Spouse are Making a Commitment to Transparency

Part of establishing a solid prenup agreement involves being open about financial matters such as savings, debts, real estate ownership, inheritances, retirement accounts, and more. Heading into marriage with financial matters in the open and with an agreed-upon plan for how they will be split in the event of a future divorce can strengthen trust and minimize surprises. You should feel good about that.

You are Part of a Growing Trend

It is now estimated that almost 10 percent of engaged couples are getting prenup agreements. For those under the age of 35, that number jumps to almost 40%. This is a trend that will likely continue to grow.

You Learn from the Mistakes of Others

Learning from the mistakes of others is a good thing. This includes prenuptial agreements. Many young people who have seen parents go through bitter divorces are turning to prenups to help prevent the same thing from happening to them. Prenups are also popular with those getting married for the second or third time. This also speaks volumes.

Prenups Do NOT Increase Divorce

Getting life insurance doesn’t mean death is imminent. Getting a prenup does not lead to divorce. Like life insurance, a prenup recognizes that a worst-case scenario is a possibility, and it is prudent to take steps to minimize its impact.

It Could Make for a Smoother Dissolution

Few young marrieds want to talk about it, but most would admit that if a divorce was in their future, they would prefer it be handled in a smooth, mature, and non-caustic environment. A prenup can help facilitate that by laying the foundation for the division of assets.

Marriage, among other things, is a legal agreement between two people. The same is true for a prenup. If you have doubts about a prenup, it may be because you don’t yet know enough about it. Maybe we can answer the questions you might have. Contact us for a no-cost initial consultation. There are plenty of good reasons to feel good about getting a prenup, and we can help. We are a Tampa, Florida, family law firm who specializes in prenup and postnup agreements. We would be glad to assist you.


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prenup lawyer

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