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Common Questions Regarding Family Law – Part II

The frequently asked questions on family law. 

“What is a financial affidavit?”

A financial affidavit is the most important document you will file in your family law case.  It is a document that lists all of your finances in great detail.  Including all of your income, monthly deductions, monthly expenses, all of your assets and all of your liabilities.  A financial affidavit is signed under oath and you are verifying that all of the information listed is true and correct.

You cannot waive the filing of a financial affidavit and every person who files a family law case must file one. The information on the financial affidavit is used to calculate child support, determine how much alimony is awarded, how your assets and liabilities are equitably divided and whether attorney’s fees are awarded or not.

In my experience, a financial affidavit is the first thing a judge looks at when you walk into the court room.  If you make a mistake on the financial affidavit or it has not been updated, the judge might not care.  So, working with your family law attorney closely when you fill out your financial affidavit is imperative.  If you have questions on your financial affidavit, it’s best to discuss your questions with a competent family law attorney before filing the financial affidavit with the court.  Failing to do so could put you at a significant disadvantage in your court case.

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