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4 Important Things to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Many Americans are finding out the hard way that marriage isn’t what they expected it to be. With over 50% of marriages breaking up, hiring a divorce lawyer in Tampa FL, has become pretty common. The problem with splitting up is it inevitably comes with collateral damage. Things like child custody, homeownership, and family finances can quickly become under dispute and spouses will each likely engage the help of an attorney. Here are a few things someone engaged in a divorce might think to ask an attorney.

1. What About the Kids?

Each state obviously has its own set of laws regarding child custody, divorce and family affairs. A lawyer like one from Mckinney Law Group might be able to assist with family court proceedings. Hiring an attorney ensures that someone fluent with the law is guiding the process and hopefully gains a favorable outcome. Children are within a special bracket of family law and finding an attorney who specializes in this can be a key element to success.

2. What About the House?

The home is the largest asset usually shared between spouses in a marriage. People often find themselves in dispute with their partners, however, when splitting up becomes a reality. It’s a good idea from the start to speak with a divorce attorney in Tampa FL, and explain to him or her the ownership situation of the house. The dispute, of course, won’t end there and soon a list of items will be under ownership dispute.

3. What About the Court Appearances?

A divorce attorney in Tampa FL, might be able to assist with all of the court dates that follow the divorce filing. A family attorney like one from Mckinney Law Group may help by coordinating schedules with the courthouse docket since they are in communication with the judge’s secretary and will make sure important court hearings are not held on days where it conflicts with a client’s schedule. An attorney can often waive his or her client’s appearance for less important hearings.

4. What About Expenses?

The state might require one of the divorcees to pay the other in support of continuing living expenses. Each state has different laws regarding the amount and frequency of alimony payments. Make sure to bring this up with a divorce attorney in Tampa FL, so he or she can figure out what the details of this might be. Child support expenses may come into effect if one of the parents is expected to house and support the children for a majority of the time.

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Legal Assistance Is Available

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