5 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Divorce

As you begin to count your blessings this November, your divorce likely won’t be at the top of your list. However, there’s actually a surprising number of reasons to be grateful for your divorce. Here’s a few to consider:

1. You are able to be a stronger, more independent person.

Divorce is challenging in many ways, one of which is that it requires a person to reflect on who they and who they want to become. At the end of the process, you will find that you are more confident in yourself and that you will relish your newfound independence.

2. You no longer have to deal with the stress of your previous relationship. 

Many couples do not realize the physical and emotional toll that stress was taking on their lives until they have finalized their divorce. When you are not spending your energy arguing or worrying, you will feel healthier and happier as you move forward.

3. You can finally put up that favorite piece of art work in the house — the one your former spouse despised.

It sounds trivial, but it will feel better than you expected to be able to decorate your space in your own unique way again. Time to break out that treasured canvas or timeless photograph. Enjoy the process of transforming your space into something that feels like home.

4. You have the opportunity to create a happier, healthier home for your children.

Too many people think that it’s better to stay together for your kids, but it can be more detrimental than you might think. For children, divorce is often a blessing in disguise, and they do much better when they are in a peaceful environment that is not stressed by a tumultuous relationship.

5. You don’t have to spend Thanksgiving with your in-laws.

Let’s face it, you never wanted to choke down that dry turkey and flavorless pumpkin pie anyway. Now is your chance to spend your holidays with the people you enjoy and cherish in your life rather than those who can irritate or frustrate you.

Updated for 2018, 5 MORE reasons to be thankful for your divorce:

Getting a divorce likely wasn’t part of the plan, but sometimes the most unexpected events still result in an abundance of blessings. Here’s a few more reasons why you might be particularly grateful for your divorce this year:

1. You will have more time to spend with your friends.

Many people are surprised to find out that they are actually less lonely after their divorce is finalized. You will have more free time to spend doing the things that you enjoy with your friends that you may not have been able to spend as much time with when you were married.

2. You can decorate for the holidays however and whenever you want.

Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to put their Christmas tree up on November 15, or perhaps you prefer to wait to string those holiday lights until December 21. Now, you are in control of your own holiday display, and you can decorate your home however you wish. There won’t be any nagging this holiday season!

3. You can try out a new tradition.

Sometimes, divorce can put an end to family traditions that take place throughout the year. Instead of feeling sad about these moments coming to an end, take this opportunity to create a new tradition with your friends or with your children. There are still many ways to make fun, happy memories with the people that you love, even after your divorce.

4. You can focus more on your personal goals.

In the aftermath of your divorce, you have the opportunity to take time for yourself again. The possibilities are endless — you could try out a new craft, embark on an adventure or take up a sport or hobby that you have always wanted to try.

5. There’s always the possibility of a new romance.

It can be difficult to think about a new relationship after recently ending a relationship with a former spouse, but the hope of a new romance can make this time seem exciting rather than disappointing. The holiday season has always held the hint of romance in the air, and this might be the year that you discover your next great love.

It is hard to think about life-changing events, such as divorce, as the holiday season approaches. However, if the time has come to pursue a divorce, there’s no better time than the present to begin the process. Think of it as a gift to yourself and to your family this year. For more information how beginning the process of divorce, contact an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer now.

While you finalize your divorce and work hand-in-hand with your family lawyer in Tampa FL, it’s important to keep it mind that along with this separation will come a new life filled with many different types of blessings. This Thanksgiving, as you sit around the table with those that you love, remember that it’s a great time to be thankful for a fresh start.

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