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5 Reasons To Cooperate With Your Ex On Visitation Time

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Typically, as part of joint child custody agreements or court order there will be visitation guidelines and schedules involved that your Tampa, FL custody lawyer will help you get legally finalized. Whether you go through court to have a judge rule on visitation, work things out through mediation, or can come to an agreement amicably, it is still recommended to have your own lawyer who will be there to see that your side is represented. Even though it may not be easy, doing your best to work together with your ex can be beneficial in many ways and be worth the effort. 

  1. Don’t put your Kids in the Middle

When the kids are put in the middle, they may feel like they are the problem, which is a difficult thing for kids to deal with. Putting your kids in the middle of a fight between you and your ex could make life difficult for them within the family dynamic. It’s always a good idea to keep kids out of adult issues whenever possible.

  1. Reduce your Stress

Being constantly worried about something can cause you a lot of stress and take a toll on you physically. Doing your best to work with your ex may make legal proceedings go more smoothly and cause you less stress. Of course, you need to fight for your kids, but you can also let your lawyer take care of the legal issues for you so that you can be more relaxed knowing that your children’s interests are being fought for on your behalf. 

  1. Give Some to Get Some

If you agree to give up some of your dates for visitation, it may help you get some significant time with your kids in return that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. There is a good chance that if your ex sees how you are trying to be cooperative, they will respond in a similar way. 

  1. Create a Workable Dynamic

If you and your ex can begin to work together when issues arise, it can create a dynamic of cooperation that will be valuable now and, in the future, as you continue to have visitation schedules. Don’t forget that you and your ex are still co-parenting even though you’re split up, so it will be valuable for you if you can work through parenting issues and visitation more easily with your ex.

  1. Be a Model of Cooperation for your Kids

Learning to cooperate with others can be very difficult, but your kids will learn from watching how you and your ex work together through parenting issues. It’s easier said than done, but your kids will likely do as they see, and they are always watching!

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