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Air Force Grants 1st Assignment Under New Co-Parenting Accommodation Policy

Divorced parents in the military have long struggled to find a balance between serving their country and being close to their children. Recently, divorced parents serving in the Air Force received great news. Members of the U.S. Air Force can apply to defer their assignments or request a specific location based on their custody agreements.

Previously, only married military members were able to request specific assignments based on the location of their children or family. Now, as the Air Force recognizes that many family dynamics look different, officials are looking to help more people maintain a solid balance between family life and military duty.

Important Facts to Know About the Air Force Co-Parenting Accommodation Policy


  • Parents with a court-ordered child custody decree now have the ability to defer an assignment if it impairs their ability to be near their children or carry out their visitation schedule.
  • Parents with a court-ordered child custody decree can apply to request a location so that they can better adhere to their custody arrangement or visitation schedule.
  • Any service member who has a court-ordered custody decree and who is named as a biological or adoptive parent is eligible to apply for this program.
  • Any service member who is interested in the program also should remember that they must fill all valid manning requirements, meet all PCS eligibly requirements without the use of waivers and perform all duties as outlined by their position in the Air Force.


Tips for Military Members Seeking Divorce

Members of the U.S. military who are interested in pursuing a divorce should partner with a Tampa divorce lawyer who has experience with military divorce cases. There are special considerations that need to be made when one or both parties are active members of the U.S. military. These tips can help couples who are beginning the process of a military divorce:


  • There are resources available that can protect an individual’s rights if they are still in active duty while pursuing a divorce. It is important to work with an attorney who can help you access those resources.
  • Military divorces take place in civilian court, as the military views divorce as a private manner. Military members should work with an attorney who understands the process of a military divorce.


Previously, Air Force members used to have to deal with significant hurdles and barriers when trying to serve their country while also adhering to their custody agreements. Now, it will be much easier for Air Force members to balance their professional and personal obligations.

For more information on military divorce and child custody arrangements, contact a Tampa divorce lawyer today.

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