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Are You Behind in Your Child Support Payments? You May Not See that Stimulus Check

As a response to the economic collapse that has been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, President Donald J. Trump signed a stimulus rescue package into law that will be sending money directly into the pockets of many Americans. The $2.2 trillion stimulus plan should provide many citizens living in Tampa and the surrounding area with a bit of relief during a time in which many have been both temporarily and permanently laid off.

Here is what Tampa residents need to know about the coronavirus stimulus package that was approved by the legislature in late March:

  • The stimulus package is providing one-time payments to many Americans. Individual adults will receive $1,200, married couples will receive $2,400, and families are eligible for $500 per child. 
  • The amount of the stimulus payment will decline, however, for those who earn a higher income. Individuals who make more than $75,000 per year or couples who have a combined income of more than $150,000 per year will not receive as much money. 
  • It may take several weeks for Americans to receive their stimulus checks.

However, not everybody is going to be getting that check in the mail. According to a Fox 13 report, legislators are reporting that those who owe money in child support may not be receiving their stimulus check.

During a typical tax season, many individuals and couples find that there are administrative offsets that can reduce the amount of their tax refund. This stimulus package did make most of those offsets void. However, it did maintain the requirement that individuals had to be current on their child support payments in order to qualify for the stimulus funding. 

Tampa residents who are behind on their child support may find that they do not receive a check at all, or that the amount of their check may be greatly reduced. It is recommended that those who are behind on their child support payments come current as soon as possible. Anyone who has been reported to the U.S. Treasury Department as having past due payments is going to be negatively impacted and may not receive the full amount of stimulus funding. 

Divorced people living in Tampa may want to work with a qualified attorney during this time. Custody agreements and child support payments can be challenging during a time of economic and social turmoil. For more information on how to navigate through the legalities of your divorce agreement during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact our Tampa law firm today.

Tampa Divorce Lawyer
Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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