How to Avoid a Lengthy Divorce Battle

No one wants a extensive divorce. These tips will help you avoid that.

Its no secret that some people suffer from emotional and prolonged divorces while other couples end their marriage without much fuss or fighting. So what makes some divorces seemingly easier than others?

While the answer is not always clear, many factors can come into play. Most often, these factors include the assets of the parties, the length of their marriage, and what each person may want from the other in order to walk away from the divorce with clean hands.

But the million dollar questions always come down to this: “how can I avoid a lengthy battle?”

Below are the top three steps to try to keep your divorce civil.

1. Hire an attorney you that is right for you.

There are plenty of competent attorneys willing and eager to take on your case, but finding an attorney who will support and understand your position, and who will respect your approach may be the key in helping you to resolve your marital disputes.

2. Negotiate.

Do not be afraid to tell your attorney you are more favorable about negotiating a settlement rather than fighting a divorce out in court.

3. Tell your attorney what you want.

Many clients come to our office with something in mind but may be afraid to express their opinions. If you want an amicable divorce, then openly tell your attorney this.  A lawyer’s job is to operate in pursuit of their client’s best interests. Thus, if amicable is what you want, then your attorney should strive towards accomplishing this goal.

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