Tampa Custody Attorney

Better Understanding of What Custody Entails

A child custody lawyer can help you understand what physical and legal custody involves. For example, you and your spouse may want to have an equal say in matters concerning your child’s education, religion, and health care, and generally, the court favors this arrangement. However, if you think your spouse is incapable of making decisions that benefit your child, a child custody lawyer in Tampa, FL, can help you obtain full legal custody.  

Florida courts may also grant joint physical custody to parents who live close together to allow the child to share living time with both parents. However, when the parents’ homes are too far apart for the child to travel between them, one parent may gain sole physical custody. When this happens, McKinney Law Group can step in to protect the non-custodial parent’s rights.

Effective Legal Strategies

If you and your spouse do not see eye-to-eye on child custody, you may find yourself in a contentious legal battle. A knowledgeable child custody lawyer in Tampa, FL, can predict the strategies your spouse’s lawyer will use to gain an advantage and increase the chances of gaining custody. In addition, a lawyer who understands state custody laws can formulate an argument that can influence the court in your favor.

Child Support Negotiations

There may be various reasons why the court does not grant you or your spouse full custody of your child. In addition, the court may require one spouse to make child support payments to the one with whom the child primarily resides. Whether you are receiving or making child support payments, you will want to calculate them fairly. Regardless of the final living arrangements, there are many gray areas that a child custody lawyer in Tampa, FL, can help resolve. For example, your spouse’s lawyer may argue that you must pay an amount far beyond what it takes to care for your child properly if your spouse gains custody. Alternatively, your spouse’s lawyer may make compelling arguments to minimize the amount you need to sustain a suitable living standard for your child, who may live with you.

Less Stress

Having legal representation to help resolve child custody issues can reduce everyone’s stress levels. When emotions run high, both parents can make decisions that may not benefit their child’s interests. In addition, child custody laws that are challenging to interpret can lead to unintentional complications that a child custody lawyer in Tampa, FL, can avoid. McKinney Law Group knows how to communicate with your spouse’s representative and the court calmly and effectively to allow you to focus on your well-being and that of your child. 

When the dissolution of your marriage raises questions about child custody, McKinney Law Group can provide the answers you need to make decisions that apply to your unique circumstances.