Child Visitation Lawyer – Tampa, FL

Child Visitation Lawyer - Tampa, FLOne of the many benefits of modern technology involves keeping loved ones easily connected when they are in different locations. It was not so long ago that the most advanced form of long-distance communication involved simple audio-based phone calls. Nowadays, if parents and their children (and/or other loved ones) are apart, they can use email, text, social media, video chats, video messaging, audio recording apps and a host of other technologies in order to remain connected and invested in each other’s lives. It is partially because it is so valuable for children to have back-and-forth communication with loved ones that even the American Academy of Pediatrics makes an exception for video chatting in its recommendations against screen time use for very young children.

When a child’s parents no longer live under the same roof, it may be beneficial to make provisions for so-called “virtual visitation” within the scope of that family’s parenting plan. An experienced Tampa, FL child visitation lawyer can help to formalize this arrangement. Virtual visitation can allow kids of all ages to benefit from regular contact with whichever parent is not immediately in front of them. Older kids may appreciate emails, video chats, and texts, while younger kids may prefer video chats, audio recording apps for storytime and any other technology that allows them to regularly see their other parent’s face and hear his or her voice.

Are There Drawbacks to Virtual Visitation?

There are few potential drawbacks to virtual visitation arrangements, which is why they are becoming standard-issue parenting plan provisions in some states. However, it is important to set up reasonable expectations and boundaries if you are thinking about including virtual visitation terms in your child’s parenting plan. For example, it is not reasonable for a parent to expect that a child will be available for virtual visitation at all times. It is also not reasonable for a parent to have no idea when his or her co-parent will allow a child to engage in virtual visitation. By having a consistent (yet relatively flexible, when appropriate) schedule and set of expectations in place, virtual visitation can benefit everyone involved. A Tampa, FL custody lawyer can help you to construct terms that make sense for your family’s unique situation and your child’s unique needs.

Parenting Plan Guidance Is Available

If you have questions about structuring a parenting plan specifically or about child custody matters generally, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with an experienced Tampa, Florida child visitation lawyer at The Mckinney Law Group today. Speaking with a member of our legal team will not commit you to taking any particular action. Scheduling a consultation will not even commit you to working with our firm! These initial conversations are designed to ensure that your decisions are informed as you seek to work on behalf of your child’s best interests. Should you ultimately require additional legal guidance and/or support, we will be happy to provide it. There is perhaps no more precious responsibility in life than being entrusted to look out for your child’s best interests and general wellbeing. If virtual visitation will help you to accomplish that aim, a Tampa, FL child visitation lawyer will be happy to help you set a virtual visitation schedule (with you and/or your child’s other parent) in motion. We look forward to speaking with you.