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Choosing the Right High Asset Divorce Attorney in Tampa, FL

Choosing the Right High Asset Divorce Attorney in Tampa, FL

If you and your spouse have sizable assets and are facing the possibility of a divorce, you should seek out legal assistance as soon as possible. Assets can be hidden or “disappear” in a pending high asset divorce, and you want to ensure your interests are protected. What should you look for in a high asset attorney in the Tampa, Florida area? Here are some aspects to consider.

They Should be Licensed to Practice Law in Florida

This sounds simple and straightforward, but it doesn’t apply to all attorneys advertising in the Sunshine State. Florida has specific and sometimes complex divorce laws. You’ll want an attorney who knows these particular laws.

They Should Specialize in Family Law

Each divorce is unique. Choosing a lawyer who specializes in family law can make sure you are prepared for the variety of issues and challenges you could be facing, especially if the divorce could be contentious.

Experience in High Asset Divorce Cases is a Big Plus

High asset divorces are often time-consuming and complex. They can involve a variety of properties, retirement accounts, upscale vehicles, investments, and perhaps even ownership in a business. Your attorney should have experience in these high-stakes cases.

Your Attorney Should Build the Right Team

High asset divorce cases can usually benefit from the expertise of professionals like a CPA, forensic accountant, and even a private investigator. Choose an attorney who has access to and experience with these experts to help uncover assets that may otherwise go unaccounted for. Their expertise can pay for itself.

They Should Be Accessible

You will want to be able to talk with your attorney for advice and perhaps some peace of mind along the way. They should be responsive to your calls.

You Should Be on the Same Page

You’ll do well to select a high asset divorce attorney who will listen to you and your concerns, and will approach the divorce in a way you can agree upon. It can be important that you and your divorce attorney are unified in your path.

They Offer a No Cost Initial Consultation

The value of a no-cost initial consultation should not be underestimated. It provides an opportunity to get your initial questions answered and help determine if they are a good fit.

Their Reputation is Solid

There is generally a lot at stake in any divorce. In a high asset divorce, the quality of your life is at risk. The attorney you choose should have positive feedback, ratings, and testimonials. They may even be willing to offer references.

Keep Rates in Perspective

While an attorney’s legal fees should be discussed and considered, remember what really matters is results. You should also keep in mind what is at stake in a high asset divorce. An experienced high asset divorce attorney can help ensure you get your fair share, and they can even facilitate a smoother process.

If you are facing a pending high asset divorce, we encourage you to learn more about us, our story, and our successes. We are professional, accessible, and we offer a free initial consultation. Let’s discuss your situation and see if we would make a good team. We look forward to assisting you.

tampa prenuptial agreement

tampa prenuptial agreement

If you have questions about a prenup agreement or a postnup agreement or require legal assistance in other areas of Family Law in Tampa, Florida such as high asset divorce you may always contact Damien McKinney of The McKinney Law Group to discuss your case further. He can be reached by phone at 813-428-3400 or by e-mail at [email protected].

We now offer virtual prenuptial agreements. Contact us to inquire further about our virtual prenup option.