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Co-Parenting During the School Year: 5 Tips for Success

Life in the immediate aftermath of divorce can be chaotic, not just for you but also for your children. When the back-to-school season arrives, it’s important to work with your family attorney in Tampa FL to create a plan that will help both you and your former spouse provide your children with the support they need. Effectively co-parenting throughout the school year will set your kids up for success inside and outside of the classroom.

5 Tips for Successfully Co-Parenting During the School Year

  • Outline who will be responsible for specific school supplies and equipment for activities. Sharing the cost of school supplies can ease the burden on both parents, but it’s important that each party knows what they are responsible for. This makes school shopping easier on you and less stressful for your children.
  • Make sure both parents are receiving all communications from the school. The main office should be notified to include both parents, as well as any significant others or step-parents, to all distribution lists. In addition, teachers should add contact information for all involved parties to e-mail lists, mobile apps and other communication portals.
  • When possible, attend important school events together. The first day of school and parent-teacher conferences are particularly important. If you make an effort to attend together, it will show your child that you are committed to doing what is in their best interest.
  • Keep in touch with each other regarding school-related matters. Stay proactive, and let your spouse know if you have noticed a change in behavior, a difference in school work or any other signs of stress in your children.
  • Create a shared calendar for school events, projects and after-school activities. Smart technology makes it easier for divorced parents to keep track of the busy back-to-school schedule. Utilize a calendar that can be accessed via e-mail, or download a shared calendar app where you can both input and edit information. This results in less confusion and frustration during the busy school year.

Whether this is your first school year after a divorce or you have been navigating through this situation for many years, it’s important to continue to evaluate your back-to-school plan and make changes when necessary. Your Tampa FL family attorney can provide you and your ex-spouse with guidance and can assist you as you create a set of guidelines to use during the school year. Having a qualified family attorney on your side will help you maneuver through challenging situations and develop a solution that is best for everyone involved.

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Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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