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Common Causes of Divorce

It’s a sad fact that half of all marriages end in divorce. Being married to someone can present many challenges, and not all couples are strong enough to deal with those challenges. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common causes of divorce.

Frequent Arguing

Having a disagreement every once in awhile is perfectly normal and shouldn’t affect an otherwise healthy marriage. However, if a married couple can’t go a day without arguing about something, whether it’s about chores or finances, it can really takes its toll on the marriage. They may likely get tired of arguing all the time and decide it’s best to just end the marriage.


Infidelity has broken apart a large percentage of marriages. When one person in the marriage has an affair, it can make the other person feel betrayed, unloved and angry. The person who got cheated on may lose trust for his or her spouse and resent him or her for a long time. That person may always wonder why his or her spouse decided to stray and can’t move on.

Money Issues

Money can have a huge impact on a couple’s marriage. If two people in a marriage have completely different financial goals, it can wear on the relationship. For example, if one spouse is serious about saving money and the other spouse constantly spends money, it can create a rift between them.


If a major tragedy occurs during a couple’s marriage, it could cause them to break apart. For example, if a couple’s child dies, they may blame each other for the tragedy and never be able to have the same relationship again. They may become so focused on their own sorrow that they don’t think about anything else.


Whether it’s gambling, drugs or alcohol, addiction can absolutely destroy a marriage. A person may become so consumed by the addiction that he or she no longer thinks of anyone or anything else. He or she may begin lying, stealing and doing other unacceptable things. The other spouse may get so fed up with the person’s addiction that he or she decides to end the marriage.

Loss of Physical Attraction

Although it may sound shallow, some married couples have gotten divorced because they are no longer attracted to their partners. If one spouse isn’t attracted to the other spouse, he or she might not desire physical intimacy with him or her and the two of them will seem like roommates instead of married partners.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, you may want to schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer. A divorce can involve many complexities and it’s not something you want to go through on your own. A divorce lawyer, like a skilled divorce lawyer in Bloomington, IL, can provide you with valuable advice, assist with paperwork and prevent you from making rash decisions. Many divorce lawyers offer free initial consultations, so there’s no risk to speaking to one.

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