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Common Divorce FAQs

If you have decided to end your marriage, there are steps you should take in order to protect your parenting rights (if you have children) and your rights to martial steps. The divorce process can be stressful and overwhelming, but a divorce lawyer can help you through the process. The following are some common questions our clients ask. For more detailed information regarding your situation, contact our office.

What Documents Do I Need for My Divorce?

Whether you are just considering divorce or have already made the decision, it is important to begin gathering important paperwork that your lawyer will need for your divorce. Some examples of what you should put together include bank statements, property deeds, vehicle titles, health insurance information, life insurance policies, income taxes, check stubs, utility bills, credit card statements, mortgage statements, and more.

What About the Family Home?

One important decision that will need to be made is which spouse will be awarded and live in the family home. There are all kinds of factors that go into that decision and one that you and your attorney will want to have significant discussions about.

Of course one of the biggest factors is financial. You will want to estimate what your cost of living will be once the divorce is final and whether or not that cost of living will cover the expense of maintaining the family home. Also included in your estimate should be the costs of purchasing new furniture and other household items, as well as possible moving expenses.

If you are the spouse who moves out of the marital home while the divorce is in process and before a decision about the marital home has been decided, you may want to consider setting up a post office box for your mailing address. Do not leave your mailing address as the marital home. Even the friendliest of divorce can become acrimonious and your spouse may become vindicative, including holding or hiding your mail.

How Do I Stop My Spouse from Wiping Out Our Bank Accounts While the Divorce Is Pending?

One of the most important things your lawyer can do is to file a motion asking the court to issue a temporary financial restraining order that prohibits either spouse from withdrawing, transferring, selling, or moving marital assets and/or property other than for reasonable current living expenses.

Your lawyer can also file a motion asking the court to issue temporary orders to address child custody and visitation arrangements, child support, spousal support, and any other issues that need to be addressed before the divorce is final.

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