COVID-19 Divorce Lawyer Tampa, FL

COVID-19 Divorce Lawyer Tampa, FLIf you’re thinking about filing for divorce within the next few months, it’s important to speak with an experienced COVID-19 divorce lawyer Tampa, FL residents trust about your plans. The pandemic has affected American lives in a myriad of ways, although undoubtedly some more than others. Depending on your family’s unique circumstances, your divorce may be significantly impacted by the pandemic or it might only be marginally impacted by COVID-19’s current presence within Floridian society. Regardless, it’s important to speak with an experienced Tampa, FL COVID-19 divorce lawyer before committing to a timeline and/or plan of action for your divorce. Our legal team may be able to provide you with valuable insights, options, and “food for thought” that you may not have otherwise considered. Consult with a divorce lawyer Tampa, FL residents trust.

Filing for Divorce During the Pandemic

Our firm is committed to helping families navigate potentially challenging legal transitions – including divorce and changes in child custody arrangements – as successfully as they possibly can. Our twin primary responsibilities are to accurately evaluate our clients’ cases and to advocate for their interests throughout the legal process. For some families, divorce during the pandemic has been a real struggle. For others, it has almost been as if little has changed. We will treat your case with the care, focus, and respect it deserves, no matter how the pandemic is impacting your family and your divorce process at this time.

It ultimately may or may not be to your benefit to file for divorce before the pandemic has largely resolved. If you need to find new housing for either you or your spouse, that search could be impacted by COVID protocols. Similarly, if you have minor children, are recovering from COVID, or are dealing with other circumstances that will make a massive transition particularly challenging right now, it may make sense to wait. With that said, if you’re dealing with abuse or you simply need to make a change now, we’ll do our absolute best to help you navigate your divorce as successfully as possible amid COVID-related challenges.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have concerns about divorcing during the pandemic, schedule a consultation with the experienced Florida legal team at The McKinney Law Group today. Once you communicate your specific concerns, we can advise you of your legal options. It may or may not make sense to formally file for divorce at this time. No two families are navigating the pandemic in exactly the same way. Therefore, the “best” choice for a different family may not be the “best” choice for yours. All you can do is learn about the potential benefits and drawbacks of timing your divorce a certain way and then make an informed decision based on the information you’ve learned.

Our firm’s legal team takes great pride in helping families navigate potentially difficult legal and practical transitions as successfully as they possibly can. We would be honored to serve your family’s divorce-related needs at this time and moving forward. Please schedule a consultation with our firm’s Tampa, FL COVID-19 divorce lawyer team today to learn more; we look forward to speaking with you.