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It’s no secret that divorce in America is becoming more and more common. The news constantly sheds light on our favorite celebrities and their heartbreaking separations. It seems as though the more common divorce becomes, the easier it is to disavow a marriage commitment. But is this simply a problem occurring only in America? Or is it perhaps a global occurrence?

Divorce Statistics

In general, the divorce rate in America is about 50%. That is, nearly half of all marriages in America end in divorce. Of course, these numbers can be further investigated and evaluated in a more discrete manner.

  • Around 41% of initial marriages in America will result in divorce. That number reflects individuals who are married for the first time. The divorce rate greatly increases based on number of marriages an individual has been involved in. The second marriage corresponds to a 60% divorce rate and the third marriage with a 73% divorce rate.
  • In America, the average length of a marriage prior to divorcing is 8 years.
  • The divorce rate in European countries are generally higher than the United States. Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Luxembourg have a divorce above 60%. In fact, nearly all developed countries exhibit divorce rates greater than 40%. Belgium has the highest divorce rate at 70%.
  • The lowest divorce percentages tend to be present in less developed countries. Mexico has a divorce rate between 10-19%. Chile has the lowest recorded divorce rate at a meer 3%.
  • Couples who live together before getting married increase the likelihood of divorce by nearly 40%.

Why Are Developed Countries More Prone to Divorce?

This question is difficult to answer definitively — even for an experienced divorce attorney. There are many factors that contribute to the couple’s desire to separate. However, an educated argument can be developed based on a few factors: money, culture, and access.

  • Money

Individuals in less developed nations survive with significantly less money than the those in wealthier countries. This can decrease emphasis on the couple’s finances. Financial issues are among the top causes for divorce in America. If a couple is less concerned with money, they may have a better chance at maintaining their marriage.

  1. Culture

In less developed countries, specifically Eastern countries, the society tends to be more centralized when compared to the individualistic ideals of Western culture. In America for example, individuals tend to be focused on their own dreams and aspirations rather than the goal of their team (company, family, or town, for example). Another contributing factor to divorce is irrational or miscommunicated expectations. In general, Eastern countries place less emphasis on the individual, which may provide more realistic expectations for the relationship.

  1. Access

Within minutes, transportation and technology allow Americans to access potential partners who  live outside of their hometown. This makes it easier to find new partners and develop new relationships when compared to countries whose citizens stay confined to a single town or region for the majority of their life. This privilege can foster a culture which takes relationships for granted, since it’s so simple to start another.

Contact a Divorce Attorney in Tampa FL

Whatever the cause of divorce may be, if you find yourself in a marriage you wish to end, contact an experienced divorce attorney Tampa FL residents trust. An attorney from The McKinney Law Group may be able to facilitate the distribution of shared belongings and allow the opportunity for you and your soon-to-be ex-partner to move on with your lives.