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Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

A divorce attorney Tampa FL locals recommend from The McKinney Law Group is available for those who desire a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement. Since 2012, Super Lawyers continues to name Damien McKinney a rising star, and he works hard to maintain his growing reputation. As a divorce attorney in Tampa FL, Damien is well suited to help individuals protect their rights prior to entering into a partnership that will hopefully last forever, but may not.

When couples enter into holy matrimony or into a cohabitation arrangement, they intend it to last forever. Sadly, all too often this is not the case and the resulting financial issues can wreak havoc. When a partner enters into the relationship they may have assets that need to be protected before marriage or formal cohabitation. Each situation is unique, which is why it’s important to discuss the details with Damien McKinney, who can advise you on your legal options. Call The McKinney Law Group at 813-906-0048 to schedule a free and confidential consultation. The following general information may answer some of your questions about prenuptial and cohabitation agreements.

What are prenuptial and cohabitation agreements?

Both types of agreements are intended to preserve and protect the rights of two individuals prior to getting married or moving in together. Usually the document specifies how assets will be divided if the relationship ends. In addition to assets, other important arrangements such as spousal support may be specified depending on the individuals involved.

  • A prenuptial agreement is one that is agreed to between two people prior to getting married. Many couples hire a divorce attorney Tampa FL relies on to draft a prenuptial because it offers the following advantages:
    • This type of agreement is governed by family law.
    • Upon the passing of one of the spouses, a prenuptial agreement can help reduce or eliminate federal estate taxes on assets inherited by the surviving spouse as well as the children. A divorce attorney Tampa FL offers can provide more information about these tax advantages.
    • The surviving spouse can be protected and provided for financially with a prenuptial agreement in place. A trusted divorce attorney Tampa FL turns to can draft a legally binding agreement accordingly.
    • A Tampa divorce attorney can use a prenuptial agreement to specify the desires of a partner for how they wish their estate assets should be divided and distributed after their passing.
  • A cohabitation agreement is one that is agreed to between two people prior to moving into the same dwelling.
    • This type of agreement is governed by contract law.
    • Cohabitation agreements cannot legally specify child custody arrangements or other issues pertaining to children.
    • Unmarried couples, particularly those who reside in states that do not recognize common law marriage, can use a cohabitation agreement in lieu of a prenuptial.

Many people often get married without worrying about the legal consequences. This can increase the risk of a legal dilemma in the future, such as dissolution of marriage. A prenuptial agreement can be a legal alternative for couples who desire to get married, but would like to have legal protection in place. Postnuptial agreements are willingly drawn after a marriage. Similar to a prenuptial, it can ease any apprehensions over assets and capital distribution in the event that something happens to the marriage. If a divorce is initiated, the postnuptial agreement dictates what happens with assets, personal belongings, and other capital the individuals may own. To get your questions answered, contact a divorce attorney in Tampa FL at the McKinney Law Group.

Alimony and Child Support

Alimony is usually determined during dissolution of marriage cases. It is also known by many as spousal support, and is occasionally granted after dissolution of marriage to provide one party with monetary help to be able to sustain their standard of living. This method is only used when divorce has not been filed. On the other hand, if a divorce has been filed and support is needed, then a Motion for Temporary Aid could be filed with the court. The McKinney Law group is where you can find the type of divorce attorney Tampa FL residents should look for, so don’t hesitate to call us today for your free consultation.

Child support refers to economic support concerning the care of child after a dissolution of marriage or similar legal situation. In regards to child support, the reimbursement areas are broad, but not restricted to fees for medical care, living expenses, school, and extracurricular activities. The McKinney Law group is standing by to assist you with our current situation and develop a customized plan that can work for you and your family. Contact us today to speak with the kind of divorce attorney Tampa FL has to offer. Learn about What are the current divorce statistics?

The Various Levels of Child Custody

When two parents decide to split up, they must find out a way to negotiate the terms of child custody. The parents may try to do this through mediation, but if that is not possible then they may have to attend court for a judge to have the final say. There are many levels of custody a parent may be awarded. Disputes regarding who gets custody can get ugly very quickly, as emotions are probably running very high during this time.

An attorney at The McKinney Law Group understands how stressful fighting for child custody may be for you and your children. A Tampa, FL divorce attorney will do everything in their power to see that you maintain a strong relationship with your children.

Physical Custody

The judge may decide to award sole physical custody to one parent, or have each parent share this role through joint physical custody. The benefits of shared custody can be that each parent still feels as though he or she plays a pivotal role in their children’s lives. It can also be healthy for children to maintain an equal relationship and shared time with each parent, versus feeling like one parent is seen less often than the other. When parents are trying to figure out the terms of child custody through mediation, they may consider the following:

  • What days or weeks shall be spent with each parent (assuming they both have joint physical custody)
  • Whether one parent or the other plans to move within the next year or so
  • How well each parent can deal with seeing the other on a fairly regular basis (when dropping off or picking up children)
  • Which school the children would go to based on where both parents live
  • How holidays and weekends are to be split up for the year

Legal Custody

Similar to physical custody, a judge may award one parent sole legal custody, or have each parent share this role together. The parent with legal custody can make decisions regarding their children’s medical care, after school activities, education, religion, and more. An attorney at The McKinney Law Group can help you get ready for mediation sessions or court hearings in regards to custody. It is common for both parents to be awarded joint legal custody, unless any of the following had occurred throughout the marriage:

  • Abusive behavior (physical, mental or emotional)
  • Neglect involving the children or other parent
  • Incarceration
  • Diagnosis of mental illness which has an impact on parenting
  • Substance abuse (alcohol or drugs)
  • Abandonment

When Mediation Fails

When mediation sessions between you and your former partner regarding child custody are unsuccessful, then family court may be needed. Two parents may do their best to settle disputes but simply cannot arrive at a solution which makes them both happy. It can help to have a Tampa, FL divorce attorney be there for advice, answer questions, and represent you during your court hearings if needed.

Please contact our law firm to schedule an appointment with an attorney at The McKinney Law Group right away, if you need help during your child custody battle. You deserve having an experience Tampa FL divorce attorney at your side.

The McKinney Law Group

Florida prenuptial and cohabitation agreements are legally binding and can be in effect indefinitely. It’s important to make sure they are drafted and reviewed by a qualified attorney. Call The McKinney Law Group at 813-906-0048 to consult a divorce attorney Tampa FL couples trust and find out how you can protect your assets and legal rights.

We are ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you and can be reached by phone at 813-906-0048 or by e-mail at contact@themckinneylawgroup.com. The McKinney Law Group is considered one of the highest caliber law firms where you can find a divorce attorney Tampa FL is proud to have representing its community, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for your free consultation.

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