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How to Deal With a Child Who Is Angry About Your Divorce

Children can take divorce especially hard. They may see their family falling apart and feel powerless to do anything about it. If your child seems to be angry because you decided to get a divorce from your spouse, you likely feel very stressed out. Luckily, there are several things you can do to help your little one cope with the divorce and ease his or her anger.

Don’t Take What Your Child Says Personally

Some children may lash out at their parents during a divorce and say things they don’t mean. They may call their parents nasty names and even tell them that they hate them. If your child has said some hurtful things to you, don’t take them to heart. Recognize that your child is going through a difficult times and doesn’t mean what he or she says.

Express Your Love Toward Your Child

During this difficult time, it’s important than ever to show your child how much you love him or her. Make it clear to your child that you love him or her unconditionally and that you will always be there. Also, give your child frequent hugs and kisses.

Encourage Your Child to Talk About His or Her Feelings

Many children keep their feelings bottled up during a divorce, which isn’t good for their psyche. If your child doesn’t express his or feeling openly, it could cause even more anger down the road. Let your child know that it’s okay to talk about how he or she feels about the divorce. Tell your child that you won’t get mad at what he or she says.

Show an Interest in Your Child’s Life

Even if your child is angry and refuses to speak to you, it’s still important to be involved in his or her life. Whether it’s attending your child’s soccer games or helping him or her with homework, being involved in your child’s life will show him or her that you truly care.

Correct Your Child’s Behavior

If your child is so angry about the divorce that he or she misbehaves at school or at home, you should let your child know that this behavior is unacceptable. Tell your child that you know this is a difficult time, but that doesn’t mean he or she can behave badly.

Don’t Badmouth the Other Parent

You may be furious with your ex-spouse, but that doesn’t mean you should talk poorly about him or her in front of your child. Doing so can make your child feel even worse. If you feel like you are about to say something you shouldn’t about your ex, step out of the room and take some deep breaths until you calm down.

If you need assistance with a child custody matter, you should consult with a skilled family lawyer as soon as possible. He or she can look out for your best interest and advise you the best way to proceed. Contact a child custody attorney  turns to if you need any assistance or advice.