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Divisions of Family Law

Family Law revolves around legal concerns with familial relationships. Divorce, custody and child support are all popular areas for family law attorneys to work in, if not specialize in. Others specialize in emancipation, adoption, paternity and other matters that do not necessarily relate to divorce. State laws shape most of family law and until recently, the state had the right to choose the requirements of marriage, even if same sex couples were allowed to marry. Below are general terms common in this area of the law. Take it as a short guide of the many faces of family law.

Common Terms in Family Law

  • Emancipation: A legal process where a minor legally separates themselves from the care of their parents in order to support themselves before they reach the age of eighteen.
  • Marital Property: Any property that is acquired by both spouses during their marriage that is then up for division when the couple divorces.
  • Alimony: A form of spousal support usually awarded after a divorce or separation to help the lower-earning spouse get on their feet.
  • Paternity: Determining the identity of the biological father of a child. This can be pursued in order to secure child support or other reasons like securing n adoption.
  • Prenuptial Agreement: Two people create an agreement prior to marrying in which they agree to not claim the other’s property in the case of death or divorce.

For more specific questions, it is best to ask an experienced family law attorney. If you are interested in family law, this is a good miniature key to begin exploring.

Why You Should Hire a Family Law Attorney

Divorce-related legal issues tend to be at the forefront of a family law attorney’s work. However, it is a broad area of the law that one can find numerous specialties in. You should always consult a lawyer at the least when considering pursuing legal issues. Family law attorneys bring a certain touch to your case to help for the better:

  • Divorce attorneys are experienced in marital property division, support calculation, mediation and visitation scheduling. Having someone who has done it before can greatly help ease your stress and help you to get the outcome you desire.
  • In a custody case, things can get heated as it is one of the most dramatic portions of divorce proceedings. As the situation changes after divorce is finalized, you will need a child custody lawyer Bloomington, IL trusts to continue helping you advocate for what you want from the custody and support
  • Usually, the mother of a child files for a paternity case in order to collect child support from a deadbeat father. However, in some cases fathers are looking to have relationships with their children and take the tests to prove they are in fact tied to them. This is a legal hearing that occurs to announce the results of the DNA test.
  • For all the people who wish to adopt children, and all the children who wish to be taken in, adoption is still a difficult and complicated process. There are many factors to be taken into consideration and hiring an attorney can be your best bet at a smooth adoption process.

If you have specific questions about a case or would like to know more, contact a family law attorney for a free consultation today!

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