Divorce Asset Division Lawyers Tampa, FL

Tampa assets
Tampa assets

Whether you’ve already decided to divorce or you’re “simply” contemplating whether this might be the healthiest step forward, it’s important to connect with divorce asset division lawyers Tampa, FL residents trust. By being as proactive as possible about the divorce process, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions about your situation – whether you’ve already come to a conclusion concerning the future of your marital union or not.

One of the primary reasons why it’s so important to be proactive about your approach to the divorce process is that Florida law allows divorces to progress in specific ways. If you’re unaware of how filing for divorce may impact your property ownership, your child custody situation, your child support obligations, etc., you will not have all the information you’ll need to make knowledgeable choices concerning this major life transition.

Equitable Distribution in Florida Divorce Cases – The Basics

If you have already made a list of your property and non-tangible assets, please bring this inventory along when you meet with our team. Consulting with family lawyers Tampa, FL residents trust can be a daunting task – however, attending an initial case evaluation appointment is an important first step in ensuring that your rights are protected moving forward. If you have not yet created a list of your property and non-tangible assets, please consider doing so before your consultation appointment. This list will provide our team with valuable information about how your divorce process may progress.

Florida is a so-called “equitable distribution” state. This means that, with few exceptions, divorcing couples are expected to split all property acquired during their marriage in a fair and equitable manner. This essentially means that – unless certain exceptions apply to your situation – you can be expected to leave your marriage with property and assets totaling half of the value of all marital property assets and property acquired while you were married. Allowing our team to evaluate a list of your marital property will help us to advise you of what kind of divorce settlement you may be in a position to expect at this time.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you’ve decided to file for divorce or you’re “simply” exploring your options in a proactive manner, please connect with the experienced legal team at The McKinney Law Group today. Our knowledgeable legal team will evaluate your financial and familial situation in order to provide you with personalized guidance tailored for your unique needs, goals, and concerns. At that point, if you choose to move forward with legal action, we’ll provide you with client-focused representation in the service of those needs, goals, and concerns. Navigating the divorce process is rarely easy. However, our firm’s Tampa, FL divorce asset division lawyers will do our utmost to ensure that this process is approached as efficiently and effectively as it can possibly be on your behalf; we look forward to speaking with you.