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Divorce is a Process, Not a Transaction

Your divorce is going to take some time, but it is worth the wait.

More often than not, by the time a client comes through my doors, he or she is eagerly ready to dissolve their marriage and move on.  However, even with easier uncontested divorces, it takes time, as divorce is a process, not simply a transaction.

With any type of court intervention comes the waiting game, and divorce is no exception. Below is an outline of the general process of a typical divorce.

Initial Attorney Meeting

Of course, your case will begin with the initial consult between yourself and your attorney.  In this phase, it is important to be honest with your attorney, to express your concerns and your goals.

Will this be a disputed or contested divorce?

Deciding whether your case will be disputed or not will heavily dictate the procedural process of your divorce.  If your case is disputed, the process may likely longer. For example, if the two of you cannot agree, your case may need extra effort, which can include meetings between attorneys, negotiations, court filings, hearings, depositions, expert testimony, and trials.


If the two of you cannot and are not likely to agree, be it a parenting plan or the distribution of marital assets, Florida courts will require you to attend a court-ordered mediation.

Case Management Conferences, Hearing, Trial & More

If you cannot reach an agreement at mediation, the next step is preparing for a Final Hearing. This step includes attending hearings, case management conferences with the judge, and all preparations to attend and argue your position at trial.

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