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Do Prenups Favor the Husband?

Do Prenups Favor the Husband?

There are quite a few misperceptions about prenup agreements. You may have a few of your own.

Perhaps you think prenuptial agreements are just for the wealthy. You may even believe getting a prenup may be “unlucky.” The fact is that an increasing number of “average” couples are getting prenups, and prenups have never been shown to be unlucky.

Some may feel that a prenup always favors the husband. This is just not true.

The reality is that prenups are most often initiated by a partner who may have the most financial resources at stake.

It would make sense that if one partner has built some significant wealth prior to marriage, they may want to take steps to protect those assets. Especially if the other partner has few assets or even significant debts. This is logical, rational, and understandable. But it could either be the wife or husband.

The fact is that a prenup can be steered by the partner with the most assets, but it doesn’t necessarily favor the husband. There are laws in place to ensure one party or the other isn’t being taken advantage of.

Let’s be clear. Whether you are male or female, husband or wife, prenups are designed to help you protect your premarital assets. It can also clear up issues regarding alimony, who pays legal costs in case of a divorce, and even the disposition of pets. It simply states that both parties understand their situation and mutually agree on how some significant issues will be determined upon divorce.

A prenup is neither designed to level the playing field nor give one party an advantage over the other. It is simply to clarify that there is an understanding between the parties. That is a pretty good place to start a marriage.

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