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Drafting a Prenup? Here’s 4 Things to Include

You have already had the all-important conversation with your future spouse, and you have both agreed to create a prenuptial agreement. Now, you will need to work closely with an experienced Tampa divorce attorney in order to draft a prenup that will cover all of your needs as a couple. 

Here are the four most important things to add to your prenuptial agreement:

Description of Responsibilities 

By creating a prenuptial agreement together before you are married, you and your future spouse will be able to have open, frank and honest conversations. Many couples opt to outline the responsibilities that each will assume during the marriage, which can prevent discord or confusion in the future. With your lawyer, you can decide who will manage household expenses, how much will be put into retirement or savings account and what will happen in the event that one spouse decides to stop working in order to care for children.

Protection from Existing Debts

If you are coming into the marriage with significant debt, then you may want to protect your spouse from assuming those debts in the event of a divorce. It is particularly important for couples who do not have equal debts to limit their liability through a valid prenuptial agreement.

Identification and Allocation of Assets

Most couples enter into discussions about a prenuptial agreement so that they can protect their own assets in the event of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements are particularly important for established adults who have accrued personal wealth prior to the marriage. With a prenup, you can decide who gets what in advance, which can minimize a lot of stress, frustration and uncertainty during the divorce process.

Considerations for Children from Previous Relationships

If you or your future spouse have children from a previous relationship, it is important to address their needs and concerns in a prenuptial agreement. In some states, half of the marital assets would automatically go to the spouse, which can leave children from previous relationships without protection. Most couples outline how assets would be divided to their children to ensure that they are not left out if you decide to divorce.

Your love story is likely completely different from any other, which is why it’s important that you create a customized prenuptial agreement with a qualified Tampa divorce attorney. On the surface, a prenup may seem like you lack confidence in the relationship, but it’s truly a testament to your commitment to working things through. 

For more information about creating a prenuptial agreement, contact our law firm to set up a consultation with a Tampa divorce attorney today.

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