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Early Signs Of Employment Discrimination

Every employee has the right to work in a place that is free from discrimination. But sadly, discrimination is a continually present problem in today’s work culture. Some forms of discrimination are outright obvious, and others not so much. Discrimination can be subtle and hard to identify, that is, unless you know the signs. The best way to protect your best interest is to read on to learn about the early signs of what employment discrimination can look like.

Awkward Questions During Interview

Before you have even been hired, you may experience discrimination. A hiring manager may ask a candidate inappropriate questions while the interview is being held. Such inquiries may be related to their age, disability, gender identity, sexuality, or marital status. Candidates that go through this type of treatment are encouraged to get help in the situation by having a legal team intervene and hold the offending person accountable for their actions. An example of an inappropriate comment during an interview is if you are 40 years or older and the interviewer makes a remark about your age and technological skills.

You Sense a Lack of Diversity 

Another stage at which you may notice discrimination is happening is when you finally start your first shift. An obvious sign that a company purposefully lacks diversity is if most or all of your coworkers are of the same gender, age, or race. Inclusion and diversity are hallmarks of a positive work culture, as a company should understand the differences between people and how they can bring a unique set of skills to the table. Ultimately, there just should not be any bias against a person for their gender, age, race, or other characteristic when hiring.

Unequal Pay Between Coworkers

Did you know that while supervisors and managers may make it seem wrong to talk about what your pay is compared to other coworkers, there are actually no rules against this. In fact, a company may prefer that employees do not exchange this kind of information as it can show where unequal pay practices are being committed. By state and federal law, you have the right to discuss your salary. If you realize that you and a coworker have the same position and similar experience but either of you earns more, it may be sign of discrimination, particularly if you are of a different race, age, or gender.

Workplace discrimination can happen to any person, and have lasting impacts on their career, self-esteem, and mental health. As an employment discrimination lawyer from Disparti Law Group has seen, despite the protections by law that prohibit employment discrimination, it still happens. Employees can protect themselves by understanding what their rights are and recruiting a legal team to enforce them if their employer does otherwise.

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