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If your “marital estate” is considerably valuable, it’s important to connect with an executive divorce attorney Tampa, FL high net worth residents trust – and to do so as soon as possible – if you may be filing for divorce at any time in the relatively near future. Regardless of whether you anticipate that your divorce will be stressful and contentious or relatively amicable and straightforward, you’ll have unique considerations to grapple with if your martial estate is considerably valuable. The quicker that you access informed, experienced legal guidance, the sooner you’ll be able to start making knowledgeable choices concerning your legal situation.

Unique Considerations for High Net Worth Divorce

If you’re thinking about divorcing your spouse, you’ll want to bring along an initial list of your property and intangible assets when you meet with a family attorney Tampa, FL trusts. Why? Assessing what you own and how much your property is worth is one of the first steps you’ll need to take when seeking a fair division of assets connected to your divorce settlement. Chances are good that our team will need to seek a comprehensive valuation of your marital property and assets in the near future. However, having a “rough idea” of what you own and how much your marital estate is worth will help us to provide you with personalized guidance concerning your options sooner rather than later.

Florida is not a so-called “community property” state. Instead, Florida courts honor a theory of “equitable distribution” of marital property in the event of divorce. This means that, with some exceptions, the value of all of the property and assets you’ve acquired during your marriage will need to be split equitably. With that said, the exceptions that apply to this rule are numerous and potentially significant. Additionally, the value of various marital assets may be impacted by their potential for appreciation or depreciation, not simply by their fair market value at the moment you choose to divorce. As a result, you’ll likely be facing some complex asset division negotiations as your divorce progresses, simply because you and your spouse benefit from considerable wealth and dividing valuable assets is rarely a straightforward process.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you and your spouse are in a position to be considered a “high net worth” couple, it’s important to connect with the experienced Florida legal team at The McKinney Law Group as soon as you begin sincerely considering divorce. The more proactive you are, the more successful and low-stress your divorce process is likely to be. Whether you anticipate that your divorce process will be contentious or you hope to keep it amicable, it’s imperative that you speak with legal advocates dedicated to providing you with objective information that will empower you to make whatever informed decisions are healthiest and in your best interests. Our firm’s Tampa, FL executive divorce attorney team looks forward to speaking with you about your legal needs, priorities, and goals at this time.