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When trying to resolve a family conflict without the court getting involved, a family dispute mediation lawyer in Tampa, FL might recommend mediation sessions. Often, we, at the McKinney Law Group, find that it is in the best interests of most clients to avoid the expense and emotional anguish associated with litigation. Only when the efforts of mediation become fruitless, will the court become the most effective way to resolve the dispute. The McKinney Law Group’s values can be expressed as compassionate, supportive, understanding, thorough, insightful, and reliable. We proudly represent clients who value these types of qualities in their legal advocates. To speak with a family dispute mediation lawyer in Tampa, FL, please call our firm today.

 Mediating Divorce Agreements In Florida

In mediation sessions, both parties who are involved in a dispute will attempt to work with a mediator to reach an amicable resolution. The best family dispute mediation lawyers in Tampa, FL are usually also family lawyers Tampa FL respects. These lawyers have firsthand courtroom experience and know-how a judge or jury would likely make a conclusion about disputes that are under consideration. When it comes to a high net worth divorce, as well as any other divorce, child custody and support, alimony, and asset division, may be resolved through mediation with the following advantages to consider

  • Both parties retain control over the entire process
  • Deliberations remain private
  • Mediation is typically more conciliatory than a court hearing or trial
  • Mediation is usually much less costly
  • Agreements are often made in a timely manner

The goal of a Tampa, FL family dispute mediation lawyer is to determine what is most important for each party, and to assist them in reaching a mutually satisfactory outcome. All communication is facilitated by a mediator who will guide the participants towards an agreement. Once an agreement has been decided upon, the mediator will put everything into writing.  As soon as the agreement has been signed by both parties, it becomes legally binding. In general, it cannot be overturned. As long as the judge approves the agreement, it will be incorporated into the final divorce judgment.  

How does mediation work?

Mediation is held in a confidential setting. The mediator will assist each party to discuss what is important to him or her, and what their goals are. With the help of your family dispute mediation lawyer in Tampa, Florida, both parties will:

  • Identify the issues that need to be resolved
  • Prioritize the issues and address them one at a time
  • Discuss the options and potential solutions
  • Come to agreements regarding asset division, debt, finances, parenting plans, and more
  • Draft the emerging agreement
  • Review, revise, and finalize the agreement

When working with a family dispute mediation lawyer, Tampa, FL, depends on; they are likely to tell you that familial conflict can arise at any time. Whether you are undergoing a divorce, looking to modify a custody agreement or child support arrangement, you may require the guidance that a lawyer can provide. There are a vast number of reasons that you might experience a familial dispute. However, to resolve such issues, a lawyer will be critical. We know that the process can be complicated and stressful, which is why choosing our firm at The McKinney Law Group will be essential.

Understanding the Benefits of Mediation

Choosing mediation for familial issues allows parties to make amicable decisions regarding the future. Whether you are managing edler issues, divorce, or custody disputes, mediation provides families the opportunity to manage disputes by communicating the problems and reaching resolution in a way where each party can feel heard. Mediation is a negotiation process that involves the assistance of an impartial third party. They will work with parties to discuss their interests and reach agreements instead of the cumbersome court process that often occurs during a family dispute. Mediation offers a wide range of advantages to those pursuing services, including the opportunity to reach resolutions in a timely manner, in a cost-effective way, confidently, and in a far less litigious manner than the traditional court process.

Reasons You May Experience a Familial Dispute

There are a variety of ways that familial conflict might make its way to the surface. No family wants to experience such issues, but, in many ways, these problems are inevitable. When considering mediation from our family lawyer Tampa, FL, both parties must be willing to work things out. Common reasons for familial dispute that may call for mediation include:

  • Child Custody Arrangements
  • Child Support Agreements
  • Spousal Support Agreements
  • ElderCare
  • Property Distribution
  • Business Succession
  • Revision of Agreements

Family conflict can be incredibly stressful for many reasons. While conflict can be the cause of issues that are close to the heart, it should come as no surprise that these issues involve people that have a close attachment to one another. This can be challenging to deal with, especially when close familial relationships are at play. When facing a conflict that involves legal issues, preserving relationships will be integral, and mediation may assist with mitigating the friction that can ensue.

Choosing Our Firm 

Managing familial issues is sure to be challenging, but a lawyer can help mitigate the contentious situations that might arise. Situations that call for family law are close to the heart and can be highly controversial and incredibly damaging to relationships. By choosing our firm, you receive a variety of benefits, including:

  • Lawyers well versed in managing familial conflict
  • People who will listen to your needs
  • An honest perspective of how best to move forward
  • Lawyers who will practice with the highest degree of professionalism
  • A firm with a high level of resources available for your situation
  • Compassionate professionals available to answer your questions and listen to your needs


The McKinney Law Group is committed to recognizing the needs of our clients. We know that familial conflict is a particularly sensitive matter, and we are dedicated to reducing stress and maximizing results in as discrete a way as possible. Choosing our team gives you the ability to receive skilled representation that produces optimal results. Contact our Tampa, Florida family dispute mediation lawyer for assistance today!

If you would like to learn more about how a family dispute mediation lawyer in Tampa, FL can help you with your divorce or legal separation, please call the McKinney Law Group for a consultation today.