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Frustrated. Confused. Overwhelmed. Scared. Angry. These are the common feelings felt by parents who are under investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS). As a leading family lawyer for CPS defense, we understand what you’re going through and are determined to find a solution that meets your needs and goals. 

A family lawyer, like from Pioletti, Pioletti & Nichols, is determined to assist you in resolving your issues with CPS. They want to see your family back together as soon as possible. In most cases, we believe children are best suited with their parents. If CPS is investigating you, and you are concerned about losing your children (temporarily or permanently), please call a family law firm today. 

Why is CPS Investigating Me?

Teachers, doctors, and other professionals have a legal duty to report anything that could be perceived as being evidence of physical or emotional abuse or neglect. Although these individuals mean well; however, misunderstandings can unfold when trying to adhere to these obligations. Unfortunately, a situation like this can lead to families being unnecessarily torn apart. 

A bruise, scratch, or comment that is taken out of context could be the very thing that initiates a CPS investigation. The worst possible outcome, losing your children, could potentially happen if the wrong steps, or lack of, are taken. With your family at stake, you should be ready to ask a family lawyer to protect each one of your rights and interests. 

Can CPS Actually Take My Children?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Not only can CPS take your children, but there are potential consequences, including a criminal conviction for abuse or neglect of a child. Your personal reputation might also be significantly damaged. Depending on the state, and potential charges, you could face incarceration, large fines or fees, and probation. Any accusation from CPS must be taken seriously. 

What Should I Do If I am Under Investigation by CPS?

If you are being investigated by CPS, it is important to act quickly. In general, calling a family lawyer will be the best decision for you. Please remain cooperative with CPS. Despite what you may be told, CPS will likely not be giving you the benefit of the doubt. Their interests are in line with the children only. 

You should know that technically a CPS investigation is a civil matter. Constitutional protections that may apply in a criminal case will usually not apply in a CPS case. This is one reason why a criminal lawyer is not the lawyer you need; rather a family lawyer is better suited to these cases. 

A lawyer can guide you through the investigative process in a way that helps you to cooperate with CPS, but also looks after your interests and that of your family. 

How Will I Know if CPS Will Take My Children?

Typically, a CPS investigation steps from an acusation of child abuse or neglect, or sexual abuse allegations. In the event the investigation finds the child has in fact been neglected or abused, they could be removed from the home and placed in temporary custody of a family member or foster care. Your parental rights could be terminated. It is important that the facts of your case be accurately evaluated in an unbiased way to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Whether you are being investigated by CPS, or being accused/charged of child neglect or abuse, you should call a family lawyer right now. 

Tampa Divorce Lawyer
Tampa Divorce Lawyer