Tampa FL divorce attorneyTampa FL Divorce Attorney

If you’ve decided to terminate your marriage, you may be researching the possibility of representing yourself through the proceedings rather than spending money on a Tampa, FL divorce attorney. At The Mckinney Law Group we understand the financial concerns that people have on the eve of drastically changing their lives. Before a divorce is finalized, it’s very difficult to anticipate how one’s standard of living may be affected. This is why our divorce attorney in Tampa, FL charges a reasonable fee. Many clients consider this a worthwhile investment for the protection of their assets and payments of spousal support and child support. We offer individuals who are wishing to divorce their spouse a free and confidential consultation with our divorce attorney. As a result of that consultation, you will likely have a clearer understanding of the benefits of hiring an experienced legal representative.

What follows are five reasons why hiring a Tampa FL divorce attorney is a good idea:

  1. Our divorce attorney at The Mckinney Law Group has a depth of knowledge about divorce laws in Florida. This is extremely important because divorce laws can vary from state to state. If you or your spouse has moved out of state and established residency in that state, it can further complicate the legalities of the divorce process. You can feel confident about our ability to make sure your divorce is finalized as quickly as possible and is legally recognized according to all applicable laws.
  2. Our divorce attorney can handle all communications with your spouse or their attorney. In this way, you will not have to talk to him or her. This can greatly reduce your stress and free up your time. It also can help protect you by preventing the natural impulse to say things you may regret later as your communications can be entered into the eventual divorce court proceedings. This can include negative statements but also promises to give up certain assets or rights that your divorce attorney might caution you against making.
  3. Our divorce attorney will be by your side during every proceeding that you are required to attend. When possible, your attorney can go in your place so that you will not have to take time off from work. This can greatly reduce your stress, time off from work, and commuting to and from the courthouse.
  4. Our divorce attorney will make sure that all applicable deadlines are met. This can save you money and eliminate the time consuming process of resubmitting the documents and paying additional fees.
  5. Our Tampa, FL divorce attorney can determine if your spouse is hiding assets that you are eligible to full or partial ownership after the divorce. This can also make a difference when it comes time to determine who should pay whom for spousal support and child support.

Considering Divorce? Call The Mckinney Law Group

When it’s time to end your marriage, it’s also time to protect your rights. Your spouse is unlikely to look out for your best interests during divorce proceedings. Call us at The Mckinney Law Group to request a free consultation with an experienced Tampa, FL divorce attorney and learn how we can help you during this difficult time.