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Five Critical Subjects to Have Discussions About Before Marriage

Five Critical Subjects to Discuss Before Marriage

You are getting married? Congratulations. This can be an exciting, joyful, and unforgettable time in your life. There are plans to be made, guest lists to prepare, and a honeymoon to plan.

There are also some important conversations to be had. Before you share your “I do’s”, here are five critical subjects to have a conversation about.


This has always been, and likely will continue to be, a critical topic to explore before marriage. Do you want children? How large of a family would you prefer? Should you have children right away or wait? How will a child be cared for? If you can’t conceive, is adoption an option? There at least should be some broad agreement on the subject of children in your future.


It wasn’t that long ago that young people were discouraged from marrying outside their religion. While that is seldom the case anymore, religion still can play a significant role in a marriage. This can not only impact the couple, but also their families and potential children. Religion has a significant impact on holidays and how they are observed and celebrated.


In today’s environment, political views can have a significant impact on how happy a marriage can be. Odds are, you will either be compatible and agree on your views, or you will agree to disagree. This can be important for some couples to know prior to making a lifelong commitment.


At some point, couples should clear the air and be transparent about their finances. Each should be honest about their debts, including credit cards, student loans, car loans, and any other personal debts. Each should also be open about their income, savings, investments, and assets like real estate. This discussion could lead to how future debts and bills will be handled and money set aside.

Prenuptial Agreements

Discussing a prenuptial agreement can be a natural extension of your discussion on finances. How will premarital assets be treated in a divorce? Will debts be paid individually in the marriage, or will finances be blended? How will an inheritance be treated? What if one or the other is buying a home?

A prenup or postnup can add clarity to a marriage. Rather than creating doubt, it can make a relationship more solid. Transparency shouldn’t be feared; it should be embraced.

Odds are, friends and relatives will all have their opinions about prenups. Some will approve, some will not.

This is your choice. More and more couples, however, are discovering prenups to be a practical, common-sense approach to marriage preparation.

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tampa prenup lawyer

tampa prenup lawyer

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