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Getting Out Of Your Own Way To Settle A Case

As a family lawyer knows all too well, facing a legal dispute like a divorce can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling frustrated, angry, and maybe even a little lost. While your lawyer works tirelessly to secure the best outcome, there’s an unseen factor impacting your case – your own biases. These unconscious beliefs and emotional attachments can unknowingly steer you away from potentially beneficial solutions like settlement. Amanda at Flat Fee Divorce Solutions shares the biases she often encounters:

The “Win Or Lose” Game

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to walk away feeling victorious? But here’s the thing: litigation isn’t always a black-and-white game – the only people who win at litigation are the lawyer’s pocketbooks. You will not win by exposing all the dirty laundry and trying to paint your soon-to-be-ex as the worst person ever. Clinging to the idea of an absolute “win” can cloud your judgment, making you overlook the complexities and uncertainties of trials. Remember, your lawyer isn’t there to just “win” at all costs, but to achieve the best outcome for you, considering all aspects and potential risks. At my firm, I will do everything within my abilities to help steer you away from litigation.

Loss Of Control

Facing a divorce can feel like losing control of your life – the life you carefully crafted that was supposed to be happily ever after. The thought of settling might raise red flags, making you feel like you’re giving up some power to the one person who has hurt you the most. But here’s the truth: settlement isn’t surrender. It’s a collaborative process where you, along with your lawyer, actively participate in finding a solution that works for everyone involved so you can move forward. You still have decision-making authority, and your lawyer ensures your voice is heard throughout the process. I do that by helping you craft a settlement that matches what you want, not what the judge wants.

Investment Into The Past

Time, effort, and emotional energy – we all invest heavily in our cases because they represent a part of our lives that is ending. But sometimes, clinging to these “sunk costs” can prevent us from seeing better options. Think of settlement not as giving up, but as a strategic shift designed to save you time, money and potential embarrassment. You’re redirecting your resources from the uncertainties of trial towards closure and moving forward. You are putting your future you into the best position to move forward. Your future you deserves the now you to take a step back and not make future you deeply in debt to a lawyer. That’s why my firm utilizes a flat fee pricing structure: you pay a known amount for the work you need.

Shutting Down After An Initial Offer/Not Compromising From An Initial Offer Made

The first offer in any negotiation sets the baseline, but it’s not the final destination. Getting fixated on these initial offers can make compromise seem impossible because the offer is so unrealistic. Here’s the key: your lawyer is there to manage expectations from the start – you should already know what the other side’s dream result would be. They’ll give you a realistic assessment of achievable outcomes and guide you through the give-and-take process to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. It might mean that you have to compromise in some places. Listen to them, not what your friends are telling you about their divorces. You chose your attorney for a reason – trust that they want to get you the best outcome.

Making The Marriage And The Subsequent Divorce Your Identity

Let’s face it, your marriage and your divorce are deeply personal, shaping our narratives of self-worth and justice. But sometimes, this emotional attachment can make it difficult to detach and consider alternatives like settlement. I understand the emotional significance of your case but will encourage you to find your true identity.

Ultimately, the decision to settle is yours. But remember, by understanding these common biases and working collaboratively with your lawyer, you can make an informed choice that’s in your best interest, both emotionally and financially. Don’t let your biases cloud your judgment – reach out to your lawyer today at Flat Fee Divorce Solutions and explore the possibilities of settlement for a brighter future.