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In Tampa, FL, a father abducted his son, 3 years old, and took him to Lebanon. The father, Ali Hussein Salamey, will be serving two years behind bars in federal prison for fleeing to Lebanon and violating his court-ordered visitation rights. Initially, Salamey took his son from a babysitter without the mother’s permission. He did eventually return his son to his mother. This kidnapping took a great deal of forethought, as he attempted to get his child a passport from the Lebanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. by forging the mother’s signature. While this was denied at the Washington, D.C. Embassy, he went out of state and was successful in his next attempt at getting a passport because he brought in forged documents to make it seem as if he had sole custody of his son. 

In August of 2018, Salamey picked up his son for a weekend visit, and instead took him to Lebanon where he remained for the next 10 months. While Lebanon does not participate in the Hague Convention–returning children who were taken back to their country of residence–Salamey and his son returned to the United States where the father will serve out his time in prison and the son will stay with his mother. He was sentenced last month. 

How can a law firm help you with child custody arrangements? 

When it comes to child custody arrangements, this may be one of the most difficult things that parents can agree on. As a lawyer from The McKinney Law Group understands, it can be especially challenging if the relationship between the parents is acrimonious. It is important to find a lawyer who can help create the best arrangement for your children. If you have concerns that your child’s other parent should not have custody because they are abusive or dangerous in some way, it is crucial that you contact a lawyer, like a Tampa, FL custody lawyer as soon as possible. You want to ensure you are working toward the safety and best interests of your child.

Working on Visitation Schedules 

It is also important that you have a lawyer on your side who can help you develop a visitation plan and schedule. When you go into court with visitation plans prepared and an idea of what would work best for your children, the court is more likely to grant a schedule and plan that you and your ex have agreed on. A lawyer can help you draft these documents and present them to the court. If you have concerns about your child’s other parent having custody or believe they may do something that is not in your child’s best interest, get in touch with a family lawyer you can trust today. 

A lawyer you can rely on should be able to make a child custody battle less stressful and ensure that regardless of what either parent wants, the main focus is on what will be best for your child. Call your local law firm when you are ready to move forward with your child custody case.