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Holiday Gift Guide for Divorced Parents

The holiday season is the most festive and memorable time of the year, but it can be a particularly tricky season to navigate after working with a Tampa divorce attorney and finalizing a divorce. As parents are already dealing with the logistics of their co-parenting plan, they also have to consider everything that goes along with the holidays. In addition to figuring out the visitation and celebration schedule, divorced parents are also shopping, baking and preparing just like everyone else. Finding the perfect gift can be difficult when you are trying to coordinate with another parent, but this guide can help you choose the perfect present for your holiday celebration.

Communicate with Your Ex Spouse and Come to a Gift Giving Agreement

When co-parenting, both you and your former spouse should be keeping the best interests of your children in mind. Around the holidays, when it’s natural that you both will be vying for the best gifts that will result in awe-struck reactions, it’s critical that you work as partners rather than competitors. In the weeks leading up to the holiday season, talk with one another about what you might like to get the kids, what they are asking for, and how you are going to divide the gifts. Create a plan, and stick to it.

Vow to Avoid Competition with One Another

It’s very tempting for divorced parents to try to win over the affection of their children with gifts that one-up what they received at the other household. While you may get some personal satisfaction out of this, it can put both your kids as well as your former spouse in an uncomfortable and awkward situation. When you are creating your gift giving agreement, vow to one another that you will not compete when it comes to buying presents this year. This allows both of you to enjoy special and memorable holiday celebrations with your children.

Opt for Experience Gifts Over New Things

Kids get a lot of stuff today, and they get even more when they are celebrating the holidays at separate households. Instead of overdoing it on all of the things that they added to their list, give your kids the gift of an experience instead. You might consider signing your child up for baking classes that you can attend together, or getting tickets to an upcoming performance at a theater. This is a gift that will make a lasting memory, and also will allow you to spend quality time together.

Don’t Give Gifts with Stipulations

Avoid giving your kids a gift and then informing them after they open it that it has to stay at your place, or that they can only use it when they are with you. A holiday present should be something that your children can enjoy without boundaries, even if that means that they take it to their other parent’s house after the holidays are over.

It is important that you outline the logistics of holiday celebrations with your Tampa divorce attorney, as this will help the entire season go smoothly for you, your ex spouse and most importantly, your children. This year, make it a point to give gifts from the heart, to recognize the challenges that can be present during this time of year, and to be the bigger person as you work to overcome them. At the end of the day, if you co-parent through the holidays, you’ll be left with wonderful memories to cherish for the years to come.

For more information on co-parenting tips during the holidays and finalizing holiday schedules within your custody agreement, contact your Tampa divorce attorney today.

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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