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How A Family Attorney Helps With Mediation

How A Family Attorney Helps With Mediation

When you are preparing for a divorce, you likely want it to be over with as soon as possible. While no one goes into a marriage hoping that it will be over quickly, divorce is a different story. Even in the best cases where the marriage can end reasonably amicably, you still want to move on and start fresh as soon as possible. Especially in circumstances where you and your spouse have created a family together and have a more involved history, you may be wondering how you can escape the divorce with as little hurt as possible. The truth is, it is always sad when a relationship comes to an end for various reasons. However, if you and your soon-to-be spouse decide that mediation would be a helpful tool for your divorce, you may find that you get more out of the divorce than you thought you would.


What does divorce mediation look like?

Divorce mediation can reflect what the marriage and impending divorce are like. If you have had a good marriage but have grown apart, your divorce may be pretty simple. You may both be willing to go through mediation and part on good terms. If you have had a tumultuous marriage and the divorce is ugly, you may be fighting tooth and nail to get anything you want, including the chance to have a mediator. 


What are the benefits of a mediation process during a divorce?

As Tampa, FL family attorneys know, there are many benefits to mediation that both parties may have during a divorce. 

  • This gives each party a safe space to openly talk about their children and what time sharing should look like. 
  • It gives you a sense of control over what is happening instead of feeling like a judge is making uneducated decisions about your family. 
  • It allows you a place where you can talk about what you have been feeling during your marriage and divorce.
  • It can set a good example for your children, showing that even during the toughest of times their parents were able to come together and agree on how to take care of the family. 
  • It can give you a sense of privacy instead of airing everything out in court. 
  • It allows for the opportunity to have a win-win instead of going to trial and having a win-lose. 

The team at The McKinney Law Group knows that mediation can provide you with these things during a divorce and this can feel invaluable. 


What if my spouse will not go through mediation?

There is always a possibility that your spouse will not want to go through mediation, especially if they believe they are starting off with the upper hand. It is important to present the benefits of mediation, especially when you have children to think of. 

Ending a relationship is hard but you have the opportunity to feel like you are making a fresh start now. When you are going through a divorce and you want to see what mediation can do to help you, reach out to your trusted attorneys to learn more today.