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How a Moving Company Can Help after a Divorce

For most people, the time immediately following a divorce is chaotic with changes. They may also be experiencing relief and joy as well as fear and uncertainty about their future. They may also have strong emotions about how they feel regarding their now ex-spouse. Indeed, divorce is a catalyst for change and it can trigger a high degree of stress for the time being.

What can add to the stress are the many details that must be attended to, and a task list that may appear to be unending. Among the items of things that must be dealt with is the move out of the home that one or both persons must do following the divorce. Though it is more common for one person to move out and the other to keep living in the home, sometimes both will choose to move if they are selling the house, the rental lease is up, or they both wish to downsize their living space. With everything that is already on their plate, it can be a relief to call in reinforcements when possible. As for the moving aspect, hiring a professional mover instead of doing it one’s self can reduce a lot of stress. This offers additional benefits as well.

Moving to the New Home

When it comes time for the departing spouse to leave the family home, they are likely to have a number of personal possessions to take with them. It may not be practical or possible to remove everything at once or in their personal vehicle. It may also heighten an already emotional situation by being in the home with the now ex-spouse present. Some moving companies will not only move boxes, but they will also pack the items as well. This can further reduce the amount of time spent at the house.

Helping Your Child Transition to Their New Home

In many cases, it is the child who suffers the most following a divorce. Not only do they feel the loss of the parent who is no longer living with them, but they must also adapt to a completely new environment in that parent’s new home. It can help the child to transition to this new way of living by retaining as much as the familiar as possible. For example, they may feel more comfortable having their old bed in the new home with they visit their non-custodial parent, and buying a new bed for their existing home. This brings the familiar (their bed) into the unfamiliar (the new home). Along with their bed, they will probably want to bring other familiar items as well. This may include wall hangings, their dresser, and many of their toys. Hiring a moving company to transport these items to the new location can reduce contact with the other parent, and ease the physical burden of hauling heavy and awkward furniture up and downstairs.

Ease into the New Normal

Just as you will hire a family lawyer in Bloomington, IL to represent you in the divorce proceedings, and to create a child custody and support arrangement if you have children, a professional mover can also ensure that the next chapter of your life arrives as soon as possible.

Thanks to Pioletti, Pioletti & Nichols for their insight into family law and moving out during a divorce.