How Can Collaborative Family Law Help Me?

Collaborative Family Law in Tampa, FL

Movies and television shows almost always show divorce as a fight between spouses over their property, money, and children. They portray courtroom clashes between angry parents and their lawyers. However, divorce can actually be quite civil. There are lots of reasons why partners may decide they no longer want to be together and the people seeking divorce can want what’s best for their former spouse and any dependents they share. If that is the case for you, collaborative family law may be the right tool for you. 

Collaborative family lawyers are trained to help couples navigate divorce to find the legal solutions that work best for them without fighting and a long tedious process. If you are wondering if collaborative family law in Tampa, FL is right for you, you should call The McKinney Law Group to set up a free consultation to determine if collaborative law is the right tool for you. 

What is collaborative law?

Collaborative law is voluntary. In collaborative law you will each sign an agreement to work to settle the divorce out of court. Each spouse hires a lawyer who specializes in collaborative law. Collaborative law is beneficial in that it provides a private setting to have difficult conversations and determine the best outcome for you and your family. The lawyers create an atmosphere where you can have open conversations and work through conflict without becoming bogged down in adversarial court process. 

What will a collaborative lawyer Help me with? 

A collaborative lawyer is specially trained in mediating discussions between spouses so that you can find solutions that take into account both of your interests and needs while also considering the legal rights of each person. They ensure that all parties have all of the information needed to fully understand their position and make an informed decision. Collaborative lawyers sign an agreement before entering into conversations that if either party decides to leave, they will not represent their client in court. 

What is the benefit of collaborative law? 

Spouses who successfully work through the collaborative law process are able to find the terms of divorce on amicable terms. This can be particularly important if you will need to continue to have a relationship after the divorce for co-parenting or other reasons. Finding a solution out of court can also save you money by avoiding the large cost of fighting in court. People who work through the process successfully are often happier having avoided the stress of litigation.