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How does social media impact child custody?

If you are like the majority of Americans, you access at least one social media platform on a regular basis. There are both benefits and potential drawbacks associated with regular social media usage. Certainly, these platforms provide an opportunity to connect with others that is easily manageable, portable, and freely available. But there are also challenges associated with regular social media usage that may affect virtually every aspect of daily life.

In addition, individual activity on social media can result in various kinds of negative consequences in both professional and personal contexts. In recent years, a staggering number of Americans have been disciplined and even fired for engaging in certain activities on social media. Relationships often suffer as a result of social media activity. And certain kinds of posts, “likes” and other social media activity can even affect family legal disputes.

In general, an individual’s social media activity may be submitted as evidence in a family legal dispute. For example, if a parent posts a picture of his or her child engaged in an unreasonably dangerous activity and that parent then comments on how the child loved the activity and is going to engage in it again, this combination of picture and response could be submitted as evidence that the parent dismisses the child’s best interests in favor of enjoyable, unsafe activities.

Virtually any activity on social media may be used as evidence in a divorce, child custody, or child support action. As a result, it is critically important for individuals affected by family legal disputes to think twice before posting, liking, commenting, etc. on social media. When in doubt, individuals should consult their Tampa, Florida child custody attorney with questions. In addition, it can be helpful to temporarily suspend social media accounts until legal matters are settled so that posting on social media in potentially destructive ways becomes less tempting.

Child Custody Assistance Is Available

If you have questions about child custody, visitation rights or other challenges involving co-parenting, please consider connecting with a Tampa, FL child custody lawyer. Whether your split with your child’s other parent has been relatively amicable or marked by tension, an experienced attorney will be able to advise you of your legal options and provide necessary practical guidance related to your situation. In addition, if you believe that your social media activity may have already compromised your child custody dispute-related goals, an attorney may be able to help you mitigate any potential consequences you could be facing.

Navigating child custody matters is a uniquely stressful reality. But you do not have to weather the legal aspects of this challenging situation alone.