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How to Best Bring Up Discussing a Prenup Agreement

How to Best Bring Up the Subject of a Prenup

While many of the misperceptions surrounding prenups have fallen by the wayside, initially bringing up the subject can still have its challenges. You’ve determined it is a subject that requires discussion, but you don’t want it to lead to an argument or even a breakup.

Of course, how and when such a discussion should take place will largely depend on how long you’ve had a relationship, where you are in that relationship, and if you’ve already discussed other significant issues. Here are some steps you may consider taking to bring up and discuss the issue of prenups:

Timing Is Key

You wouldn’t likely discuss marriage or having children on a first date. Nor should you bring up a prenup. Bringing up certain subjects can bring up doubts or concerns in a partner. You want to have a well-established relationship before bringing up certain issues, including a prenup.

Frame It as a Discussion

Even if you are leaning towards getting a prenup, it is crucial the subject is brought up as a discussion. “Can we talk about something?” or “Is it alright we discuss something a bit serious?” You are much more likely to encounter resistance or create hurt feelings if you begin by making demands or by dominating the discussion.

Explore How They Feel About the Subject

Your partner may not be up to speed on the benefits of a prenup or why they can be valuable to both of you. Your conversation may progress much better if you can establish their knowledge about prenups or their life experiences with them. You can simply ask if they know of anyone who previously agreed to a prenup or what their thoughts are. You may determine that they have some misperceptions or superstitions of their own. You will need to be cautious as to how these are handled.

You Can Make it Part of a Larger Discussion About Finances

If you are already in a lengthy or committed relationship or are cohabitating, odds are you may have had at least some financial discussions and possibly are sharing the financial responsibilities. Discussing a prenup can easily follow a deeper discussion that may include your individual savings, investments, and property ownership.

You Can Mention Their Growing Popularity

One way to ease into the discussion is to bring up the growing popularity of prenups. Prenuptial agreements are now a part of 15% of all marriages, and 40% of couples younger than 35 have secured them. Prenups are practical and becoming increasingly common.

Make it Clear You Can Work on it Together

While a prenup can protect your rights and assets as an individual, it is something you can work on together. It can be done in a spirit of cooperation.

You Can Schedule an Initial Consultation

If you have questions or concerns regarding prenuptial agreements and how they can work for you, reach out to us. Your initial consultation is free.

Don’t make the mistake of pushing forward if your partner is either not ready or not in the mood to discuss a prenup. Bring it up at a more opportune time.

Prenups are not just for the wealthy. An increasing number of “average” couples are securing them. If you live in the Tampa, Florida, area and are considering a prenup, we can help set you on the right path. We look forward to assisting you.

prenup lawyer

prenup lawyer

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