How to Make Things Easier for Everyone When Moving After Divorce

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Moving after divorce can be emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting. After dealing with legalities and who gets to keep what property and money, it can be difficult to gather the energy to now move out of the home shared together. During this time, consider who you can reach out to for help, what items you actually need to take with you, and where your human or fur children are to stay on the big moving day. To make things easier, you may even want to talk with a reputable moving company to see how much it costs for professional movers to do all the packing and hauling for you instead.

#1 Take Only What You Need

When moving out, it can be tempting to take every single item you ever spent money on, either to regain your losses or as a way to get back at your ex. This may only cause more problems, especially if you obtain an item that your spouse is supposed to keep after settling the divorce agreements. Ask yourself if you really need whatever it is you want to pack up and take with you.

During this new stage of your life, you may want to explore the idea of getting rid of things that no longer serve you in your future. It can be a great way to heal and let go of the past by eliminating what you truly do not need.

#2 Reach Out to Others

Your friends and family are there to support you during and after your divorce. Leaving someone you planned to be with can leave you feeling emotionally drained and anguished. It can help to focus on furnishing and decorating your new place based on who you are as a person. If you need assistance during the move, consider hiring a moving company to pack up and transport belongings for you.

Even better yet, try to plan the moving date for when you know your former spouse won’t be around. This can help the process be less painful for you if you do not have to speak with your ex while officially moving out.

#3 Make a Plan for Your Children and Pets

If you have children and pets together, think about where they are to stay while you are moving out. Your pet may be scared to have movers enter the home, as well as potentially get hurt under moving feet. If you want your furry family member to stay with you but out of the way, clear out a room for only him or her to stay in while the moving is happening. This may be a room that is farthest away from the door, giving them a quiet and safe place to hang out.

Depending on how old they are, you may want to have your children stay with a loved one nearby. If they are of an influential age, they may not be able to comprehend or emotionally handle seeing you vacate the home formerly shared together.