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How To Negotiate With Your Ex During Divorce

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Negotiating over serious issues such as child custody, alimony, and child support with your ex can feel impossible. For some, even having a simple conversation with their ex may prove futile. Once divorce is on the table, each spouse is likely to immediately respond by protecting their own best interests. If you’re gearing up to have difficult negotiations with your spouse, then consider these helpful approaches:

Recognize Feelings and Perspectives

Seek to understand your partner’s perspective and where their feelings may be coming from. A spouse may become uncooprative because they are dealing with heartbreak or other strong emotions from the divorce. This is no excuse to threaten or verbally abuse you during negotiations, but in moments when talking gets heated try to remember that it’s a painful time for all involved. 

Hard Bargaining May Not Work

Using hard bargaining or “my way or the highway” stances can be useful if the other spouse is passive and willing to be flexible. But in most situations, this approach will only break communication and cause negotiations to falter. You and your soon to be ex spouse will have to arrive at divorce settlement terms on your own unless you want a familly court judge to do it for you.

Managing Your Emotions

Parting ways from someone you likely planned to be with forever is going to cause difficult feelings to bubble up. This is simply the nature of divorce proceedings, so doing what you can to process emotions in a healthy way will be paramount to recovering and moving forward. 

At The McKinney Law Group, a Family Law Group in Tampa, FL you can rely on, we understand how arduous divorce cases can be. The best thing you can do is to try to keep a level head, turn to your lawyer for help, and take care of yourself along the way.

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