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How to Select the Right Guardian for Your Children

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One of the most important aspects of estate planning is choosing a guardian for your minor children. After all, you want your children to be taken care of should you die suddenly. Being a guardian comes with a lot of responsibility, so you shouldn’t just choose anyone. Here are some tips for selecting the right guardian for your children.

Consider Age

Many people name their parents as guardians for their kids. However, if your parents are older, you might want to think twice about selecting them as guardians. They might not have the energy or strength to look after little children every day. Plus, they might be more likely to have health problems and pass away before your kids reach adulthood. As such, you may want to choose someone younger to serve as guardian.

Choose Someone Who Is Financially Stable

Raising children can be quite expensive. From clothes and food to medical care, children have a lot of needs. That’s why it’s best to choose a guardian who is financially stable. Ideally, the guardian should own a home, have a stable job and not be in significant debt. A financially stable person may be better equipped to take good care of your kids.

Select a Person with Similar Values

It’s also a good idea to choose a guardian who shares your similar religious and moral values. This way, you know that he or she will bring your children up the way you would have wanted. For instance, if you’re a religious person, you may want to pick a guardian who regularly attends church.

Consider Parenting Skills

Not everyone has good parenting schools. Your friend or cousin might be a nice person, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is ready to raise children. If possible, choose a guardian who already has children. This way, you know that he or she knows how to care for children.

Name More Than One Guardian

A common mistake some people make in their estate plan is only naming one guardian. It is a wise move to name at least two guardians. This way, if the first guardian you named isn’t up for the task anymore, you at least have a backup.

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