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How to Talk to Your Partner a Prenuptial Agreement

If you plan to marry your partner in the near future, you may be thinking about getting a prenuptial agreement. Although this legal document has many potential benefits, not everyone understands it. In fact, some people may get offended when presented with a prenuptial agreement. Here are a few tips for talking to your partner about a prenuptial agreement.

Have the Conversation Early

When you have to discuss controversial topics, such as prenuptial agreements, you may be tempted to keep putting the conversation off. However, you should not put it off for too long. It is best to have the conversation as early as you can. This way, if your partner is not keen on the idea at first, you will still have plenty of time to bring the topic up again in the future.

Choose the Appropriate Time to Talk About It

There is a time and a place to talk about prenuptial agreements. If you want the conversation to go as smoothly as possible, you will want to choose the appropriate time to talk about it. Ideally, your partner should be calm and in a decent mood. If you try to bring the topic up after your partner has had a stressful day at work, he or she might not take it so well.

Discuss the Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

At first, your partner may focus on the negative aspects of a prenuptial agreement. That’s why you should talk about the benefits of the agreement. For example, you may want to tell your partner that it allows everyone to have a clear understanding of how the assets and liabilities should be divided in the event of a divorce. Once your partner understands the benefits, he or she may be willing to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Allow Your Partner to Speak

Signing a prenuptial agreement is a big decision, so you should expect that your partner may have questions and concerns. After you say your part, it’s important to listen to your partner’s thoughts. Even if you don’t agree with something your partner says, you should at least try to acknowledge and understand his or her concerns.

Don’t Make Demands

No matter how strongly you might feel about a prenuptial agreement, you should never make demands or pressure your partner to sign the agreement. This can backfire on you. Instead, politely ask your spouse to sign a prenup 

Remain Calm

And last, but certainly not least, stay calm throughout the conversation. The last thing you need to do is get irritated or upset at your partner for not immediately agreeing with you. If you lose your cool, it can make the entire situation worse. If you feel yourself getting flustered, take a break and finish the conversation later.

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