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How To Tell Your Kids You’re Getting Divorced?

An experienced Tampa, FL divorce lawyer at The McKinney Law Group understands that, as a parent, it’s difficult to tell your children that you’re getting divorced. You know how much it will upset them and don’t want to bring any pain into their lives. However, it’s best to inform your kids about your decision as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to tell them. Here are some tips for telling your kids that you’re getting divorced:

Tell the News With Your Spouse

If you and your spouse plan on getting a divorce, there’s probably a lot of tension between the two of you. However, a Tampa, FL divorce lawyer will tell you that it’s important to put your emotions aside and calmly tell your children together about the divorce. If you communicate this information to your children together, it will have a better impact on them.

Talk in a Private Place

Telling your children that you’re getting divorced in a busy restaurant or another public place probably is not the best idea. If there are a lot of strangers around, your kids might not feel comfortable to express all their feelings. That is why it is best to break the news in the privacy of your own home. It’s quiet and your children will feel safe there. If they have any concerns or questions, they will feel more comfortable voicing them in their home.

Don’t Mention the Little Details

It is not necessary to mention the very personal information regarding your divorce to your children. They’re too young to fully understand it. Telling your kids that you are getting divorced because the other parent was cheating or drinking too much will just upset them more. Instead, tell your children that you and your spouse don’t get along well anymore and want to get divorce.

Tell Your Children That This Isn’t Their Fault

Many children believe they are partly to blame for their parents’ divorce. This can lead to depression, anxiety and other emotional issue. An empathetic divorce lawyer for Tampa, FL can tell you that’s why it is critical to stress to your kids that this is in no way their fault. Tell them that you and your spouse still love them very much.

Encourage Your Children to Voice Their Questions and Concerns

Once you are done telling your children about the divorce, let them know that you are always there to answer their questions. They likely have several things they want to ask, so you should make it clear that you are open to answering all sorts of questions. Be patient with them and take the time to answer their questions, no matter how complicated they may be.  If you need additional support, you can always rely on your committed Tampa, FL divorce lawyer.

If you follow these tips from The McKinney Law Group, it will be a little easier to tell your kids that you’re getting divorced. If you need assistance filing your divorce papers, you should consult with an experienced  Tampa, FL divorce lawyer as soon as possible. An reliable attorney can help you file these documents in a timely manner and advise you on various matters regarding your divorce. To speak with a trusted Tampa, FL divorce lawyer, call The McKinney Law Group today!