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Important Information about Domestic Violence

There are key factors to bear in mind when it comes to domestic violence. The following outlines information that is important to be aware of when it comes to lawsuits surrounding domestic violence.

The Domestic Violence Act

Over the years, the Domestic Violence Act has changed several times but it has always defined domestic violence to include the use of deliberate force meant to cause bodily harm. It will also be important that you disclose any threats to the point where you were concerned you would be physically harmed by your abuser.

Speak with an Attorney

Ensuring that you are in a safe place when you are the victim of a stressful domestic incident is of the utmost importance. Getting out of the situation by vacating the home can be a wise safety plan when you are faced with the threat of another person’s unstable behavior. You will need to speak with an attorney once you are safe to determine the best course of action when it comes to filing a case. This is paramount before making any legal decisions. An attorney will be able to determine alongside of you whether a civil suit for personal injury damages or criminal charges need to be filed while keeping in mind your rights as a survivor of domestic abuse.  

Share all the Details

Merely reporting one specified incident of violence is not always enough to substantiate the case. A survivor of domestic violence should be sure to include all relevant facts of the case, reporting as much as possible. The report should be as thorough as possible, including all information from beginning to end. It will be important that you include any interactions you had with your spouse surrounding the situation so that the court can gain a clear perspective of the case.

Criminal Charges

To protect yourself from future abuse and resolve the current dispute, it may be wise to pursue criminal charges if you find yourself in a situation where serious abuse has occurred. Your criminal lawyer can help you to sort out the details if you aren’t sure how to move forward with criminal charges. You will want to be sure to share with your attorney the details of your case so that they can better represent you as there are several types of criminal charges that can be filed, ranging from sexual to aggravated assaults.  

Agreements are all Different

When it comes to domestic violence cases, each situation may require its own individual approach. As a result, outcomes and agreements that are made are all unique and personalized.  

It is possible to come to a solution where domestic violence is involved when working closely with a family law attorney. They will be able to help see that the needs of your specific situation are met. Contact an attorney today who can answer your questions surrounding domestic violence laws.  

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