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Keeping a High Asset Divorce Civil

Keeping High Asset Divorces Civil

There is a lot at stake in a high asset divorce. Couples may have more investments, property, cash, collectibles, and business ownership interests. High asset divorces can also reach higher levels of tension, acrimony, anger, and revenge.

We’ve all seen some high-profile examples of high asset divorces played out in courtrooms, where embarrassing each other seems to be a work of art.

Is it possible to make it through a high asset divorce civilly? With potentially so much at stake, is there a way to help ensure a civil divorce? Here are some steps that may help.

Avoid Starting Proceedings While Angry or Hot

Legal teams will often take cues from their clients in terms of how to approach a high asset divorce. An angry divorce is rarely satisfying for anyone, even the “winner.” You’ve likely been successful because you’ve learned the importance of separating emotions from business. A high asset divorce is both a legal and business a transaction.

Know What Is Important to You

You may have thoughts, desires, or even desires to try to prevent a spouse from getting anything in a high asset divorce. That may not be practical, possible, or even legal. It usually isn’t conducive to a civil divorce to attempt to keep assets from a spouse out of anger or revenge. A better approach would be to start by listing assets important to you. These may include a classic car or supercar, vacation homes, season tickets, or memberships.

Be Transparent

Attempting to hide assets is not conducive to a civil high asset divorce. It can escalate tensions, build mistrust, and create ongoing suspicions. Most high asset divorces will include competent accountants and even forensic auditors that may likely uncover these assets anyway. Even if you feel you may have been wronged, you are not above the law and cannot legally hide assets.

Maintain Current Payments

One of the simplest ways to maintain civility through a high asset divorce is to maintain payments on bills and debts. This at least preserves the status quo and will not agitate an already sensitive situation.

Focus on a Positive Outcome

Revenge should not be your desired outcome, nor should “getting your unfair share.” It is about getting through the process in a fair and just manner that you can live with following the divorce.

This can be difficult if both parties aren’t on the same page.

Start with a Well-crafted Prenuptial

Perhaps the best starting point for an amicable, high asset divorce is a professionally designed prenuptial agreement. A prenup can, at the very least, lay a solid foundation for a civil high asset divorce. Choose an attorney who understands your goals, is knowledgeable of high-asset divorce and knows what is legally on and off the table. Contact us if you are facing a high asset divorce and want to have an impact on the narrative. We look forward to assisting you.

high asset divorce Tampa

high asset divorce Tampa

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