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Keeping Emotions Out of the Prenup Discussion

Keeping Emotions out of the Prenup Discussion

Prenups and postnups are becoming increasingly popular in marriage today, as young marrieds recognize how practical they can be in setting the tone for marital and premarital assets. Marriage is, after all, a legal agreement between two people. It makes sense that a legal agreement should guide a couple should the marriage fail.

But marriage is obviously an emotional commitment. So can a divorce. It can best serve those involved if emotions can be kept at arms length while crafting a prenuptial agreement. Is that even possible? If so, how can it be done? Here are some thoughts that may be helpful.

Marriage Is a Legal Agreement

Getting a marriage license doesn’t lessen the emotions or value of getting married. It may be a legal requirement, but couples have accepted it as part of the process. There’s no offense that should be taken by filling out a legal form to get married.

A Prenup is Just One Legal Agreement in a Marriage

A marriage is filled with legal agreements. It may include mortgages, loans, signing up for memberships, and more. A prenuptial agreement may just be the first of many legal agreements that protect partners in a marriage.

Do Your Own Research

The acceptance of prenup agreements is becoming generational. They used to be just for the wealthy or famous who had significant assets at stake. Older generations often viewed a prenup agreement as having doubt in a relationship. That is not the case so much today. In fact, many second marriages now include prenup or postnup agreements after failed initial marriages. Do your research and make a smart decision.

Compare Finances Openly

If you want to take the emotion out of a prenup, take a frank and open look at both of your finances. Does one partner carry significant debt and have few assets? Does the other have investments, real estate, an inheritance, and/or a retirement program? This is more a matter of fairness than emotion. A prenuptial agreement can help assure that partners are treated fairly should things go sideways.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

A prenuptial agreement is not an expression of love or commitment. It is simply a document that clarifies the financial situation of each participant and how it will be handled in the marriage. There should be no offense taken.

When you think about it, a prenuptial agreement serves to set the foundation for the business aspects of a relationship. It involves the realities of income, debt, education, business concerns, and real estate. It is, as they say, what it is.

When discussing a prenup, it is possible for it to get emotional. It is rarely in anybody’s interest to let that overtly impact the agreement.

You may have doubts about whether a prenup agreement is right for you. It is certainly worth discussing in a practical, common-sense manner. In the Tampa, Florida area, we specialize in prenup and postnup agreements. We can answer your questions and set you on a path that is reasonable for you. Reach out and contact us today for your initial, no-cost consultation.


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