Meeting With Your Divorce Lawyer: 3 Things You Must Discuss

Taking the first step toward divorce can be an emotional and intimidating experience. As you are preparing to meet with your Tampa divorce lawyer for the first time, you will want to be prepared to discuss several important topics. These are three things you must discuss during your initial consultation:

Property and AssetsĀ 

During the divorce, you and your spouse are going to need to divide all property and assets that were acquired during the marriage. At your initial consultation with your Tampa divorce lawyer, you should bring documentation for all property. This can include, but is not limited to, pre-nuptial agreements, deeds, titles, trusts, financial statements, and tax returns. Documentation plays a critical role in the finalization of any divorce, and it’s important to begin the process by being organized.

Child Support and Custody

If you and your spouse have children who are under the age of 18, you are going to need to create a child support and custody plan. Both parents are legally obliged to financially support their children, so child support should be an expected expense after the divorce is final. In many cases, the custody arrangements are the most difficult logistics to finalize within a divorce. It’s imperative that you work with an attorney who knows how to navigate this challenging topic and deliver results that are favorable for the client. Ultimately, both parents need to be able to put the needs of the children first while discussing this critical topic.

Attorney Fee Structure and Timeline

Prior to selecting a Tampa divorce lawyer, you will want to verify that their attorney fees are in line with your budget. A qualified and respectable attorney will provide you with up-front information about any and all fees that will be incurred throughout the divorce proceedings. In addition, after you have provided some basic information about your current situation and circumstances, your attorney also should be able to create a timeline for you. This will give you an understanding of what you can expect throughout the divorce and how long it will take for it to be finalized.

You are going to want to hire a Tampa divorce attorney who understands your unique situation and who is willing to advocate for you throughout the divorce proceedings. It’s important that you are able to trust your lawyer, and that you hire an attorney who specializes in Florida divorce law.

For more information about filing for divorce in Florida and to schedule your initial consultation, contact a Tampa divorce lawyer today.

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