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Military Divorce: What You Need to Know

A marriage in which one or both partners is a member of military is unique in many ways. While most civilians are able to make their marriages and their families a top priority, a military family must always put their country first. This can put stress on a marriage, which can be difficult to overcome. While the legal process for a Tampa military divorce is no different from a civilian divorce, there are certain logistical issues that must be considered.

Serving the Divorce Papers

In a military divorce, divorce proceedings can actually be started in the state in which a couple is stationed or the state in which one spouse or the other holds permanent residency. For example, if a couple is stationed at a Tampa military base, they would be able to begin divorce proceedings in the state of Florida, regardless of whether they are permanent Florida residents. By contacting a local Tampa military divorce lawyer, they would be able to learn more about divorce proceedings in the state.

Delaying the Divorce

An individual who is seeking divorce from an active duty service member may find that the divorce proceedings will be delayed. This is due to the fact that active duty military members are protected under the Service Members Civil Relief Act. This law allows active duty military members to focus on the needs of the country first, and can delay the beginning of divorce proceedings by up to 6 months. A Tampa military divorce lawyer could provide more insight as to how this law is applied to a military couple’s unique circumstances.

Child Support Payments

Military members are required to pay child support payments in the event of a divorce. However, it’s important that a military couple filing for divorce works with an attorney who understands the unique salary and benefit structure of a military member. The income and benefits packages, as well as the amount of time an individual has served in the military, all must be considered when calculating child support payments during military divorce proceedings.

An individual who is seeking a divorce when they, or their spouse, are a military member should make sure that they hire a divorce attorney who understands the military lifestyle. A Tampa military divorce lawyer will be able to help any military member, or their spouse, navigate through the logistical issues surrounding a military divorce, and will provide their client with the best results possible.

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divorce lawyer Tampa

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