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Negotiating Child Custody Matters Concerning Holiday Times

A Tampa FL child custody lawyer knows that one of the most potentially contentious challenges that co-parents face on a regular basis is the process of navigating holidays. Holidays are often emotional times of year, so it is particularly important that co-parents remain proactive about predictable sources of tension related to holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.

It is often helpful to both clearly address expectations related to the holidays in one’s child custody agreement and to remain flexible when possible as holiday challenges evolve over time. It may be wise to seek modifications of existing orders related to holiday custody if and when a child’s needs significantly change as he or she gets older. But if it is possible to work out basic custody issues in an original agreement and to remain as flexible as is reasonable over time, it may not be necessary to request formal modifications with any kind of frequency.

A child custody lawyer in Tampa FL can assist in any future modifications your order may need.

Who Gets Custody on Each Holiday?

Depending on the nature of your co-parenting relationship, you may not be inclined to be terribly reasonable when negotiating holiday placement of your child. This is understandable. In the wake of a decision to separate or divorce, a Tampa FL child custody lawyer realize that many parents struggle to process how they are supposed to navigate seeing their child on every special occasion to sharing him or her with a former romantic partner who may be making life very difficult. What will likely help you remain reasonable during holiday negotiations is keeping your child’s best interests in mind. While you may understandably struggle with being separated from your child for even one day, it is likely in his or her best interests to benefit from taking part in traditions on both sides of the family.

It may also be helpful to make a list of the holidays, vacations, and special occasions that mean the most to you. You might have an easier time negotiating if, for example, you realize that it may be easier for you to consent to allowing your child to be with your co-parent on Independence Day if you are assured of custody on New Year’s Eve. Or perhaps you can compromise on custody every other year for Thanksgiving if your child is always with you on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Understanding your most important priorities before negotiating can help discussions remain focused.

Flexibility and Inflexibility

Your child and your family will evolve over time. And new holiday priorities will evolve as your family does. As a result, it can be helpful to be flexible with your co-parent’s needs in exchange for flexibility on his or her part.

For example, if you ordinarily have your child over spring break and your co-parent ordinarily takes him or her over winter break, it may benefit you to switch in a given year in exchange for consideration related to a switch you may need to make concerning summer break or your child’s birthday.

Of course, if your co-parent is inflexible or demands your flexibility but is not considerate of your preferences, you may be able to request formal modifications of existing custody orders, provided that these modifications are in your child’s best interests, with the assistance of a child custody lawyer in Tampa FL.

Why You Should Hire a child Custody Lawyer

Divorce that involves children can be contentious when both spouses vie for full custody. Fortunately, you can hire a child custody lawyer in Tampa, FL, to represent the interests of you and your child and protect your parental rights. McKinney Law Group has the experience necessary to help facilitate the child custody process.