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Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)

At this very moment, thousands of divorced parents in Florida are inflicting serious damage on the relationship between their ex-spouses and their children without even knowing they are doing so.

Florida family court judges routinely sign temporary orders, and permanent injunctions, which prohibit one spouse from berating the other spouse in the presence of the children or denying visitation without a court order. But these items, and others like them, are some of the most obvious manifestations of parental alienation syndrome (PAS). As a leading child custody law firm Tampa, FL trusts, our lawyers handle cases involving PAS every day. If you believe your ex-spouse or partner is guilty of inflicting PAS on your children, and you are ready to explore what legal options are available, please call a child custody lawyer Tampa, FL parents know and trust. Call The Mckinney Law Group now.

Evidence of PAS

This disorder was once known as “maternal brainwashing,” a highly inflammatory and misleading term since either parent can be guilty of PAS.

Essentially, PAS is an emotional environment in which one parent attempts to push away, or alienate, the other one. And, while there are sometimes blatant situations, like parental kidnapping, the evidence in these cases is normally quite subtle. Some examples include:

·       Physical Restrictions: One parent may say something like “I need to pick up Susie early this weekend because she has a school project to finish.” While the request seems innocuous, it may be unintentionally designed to limit the time that Susie spends with the noncustodial parent.

·       Extension of Privileges: Later bedtimes and cookies before dinner are often a way to establish a parental preference, especially if these things are accompanied by statements like “I bet you don’t get to watch PG-13 rated movies at Mom’s house.”

·       Unusual Anger: Children who say “I hate Mom/Dad” but cannot articulate a reason for their feelings may have been influenced by the alienating parent.

Other signs include monitoring the children’s telephone calls with the other parent or setting up temptations that interfere with visitation.

What to Do

If you suspect PAS, it is important to take action as soon as possible, because the damage quickly becomes almost irreversible. This action may be a demand letter/cease-and-desist letter to the other parent, or more likely a motion to modify custody. In general, you will need the help of a child custody law firm Tampa, FL has to offer.

The motion should normally be accompanied by a request for a social study, because these professionals are specially trained to look for evidence of PAS. Even if there are not changed conditions that would justify a modification in custody or visitation terms, the judge may well broaden the permanent injunction to address the issues in the case.

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